Coffee Shops

After graduating from high school, three friends from a very small town travel to Europe together. They want to create some wonderful memories before they start college in the fall. As they get lost through the streets of London two of the friends run into a radio show host and he is the beginning of a change in all of the girls lives. As they miss home there is one thing that always makes them feel a little closer. Going to coffee shops.


7. Getting to the Party

Emily's POV

"I have nothing to wear!!!!" I screamed. "Wear that pink flower skirt its super cute!" Hannah said back to me. I went to closet and found it hung up. I put in on and paired it with a white frilly take-top and flats. I went to go curl my hair in the bathroom. As I walked in Anna was coming out her hair curled and makeup done. "Looking good!" I told. "Ya you too," she said laughing. 


Anna's POV

I went to my room and started getting dressed. I grabbed my white lace dress and put it on. I added the skinny brown belt and put on some tan wedges. I was ready to go. I walked out to the center room of the pent house. "Are you ready?" I asked Hannah. She was wearing a multi-colored striped dress. She had her hair curled and she had some strappy sandals on. "Yup, just have to get Emily out of the bathroom." "Coming" My phone vibrated and I looked at it. "We are outside the hotel" Niall texted me. "They are hear!" I called. "Lets go!" Emily said excitedly. We all walked down stairs and all of them were standing their waiting. "Good evening ladies, looking great," Harry said with his eyes only on Hannah. "I dont think he even looked at us," Emily giggled to me under her breath. "Nope" We both started laughing. "So are we ready to go?" Louis asked Emily. "Yup" she replied. Niall grabbed my hand and we all started walking outside. We split up into 2 cars. Harry, Hannah, Emily, and Louis, in Harry's car and Niall, me, Zyan, and Liam in his car. Liam started driving with Harry following. "So where is this party at?" I asked Niall as we sat in the back seat. "Oh it is at Louis' house. We were over there earlier," he said back to me. It wasn't long until we got to the party. I stepped out of the car and Niall started leading me up to the house. "So how are you tonight?" he asked me as he opened the door for me. "Oh I'm really good, we haven't really gone out since we have been here so it is fun to be going to a party!" "Ya I hope tonight is really fun," Niall said smiling at me. I looked down blushing. His smile was so cute and it just made me smile right back at him.

Hannah's POV

As I sat next to Harry as he was driving I just couldn't believe I was going to a party with him! We got to Louis house and I got out of the car. Harry grabben my hand and lead me inside and around the house to the kitchen. "Do you want anything to drink?" he asked me. "No thanks." People started coming and Harry would say high. He knew every single person and it felt like everytime I turned around it was all new people. "Do you want to day?" he asked me. I started to panic. "I..." I started as he looked worried, "I cant dance..." "Why not?" "No Harry, I really just can't dance I dont know how too." "Here," he said grabbing my hand, "I will show you just follow me." We went out to the dance floor which was really just the living room with all the furniture taken out Harry told me. We started moving back and forth to the music. Then Harry started to get really close. I didnt mind but i didnt expect it. Then he started grinding on me a little. I started swaying with him. Then Emily and Louis came on the dance floor. They started doing the same thing and so was everyone else. "Im hot do you want to go get something to drink with me?" Harry asked. "Ya" We left the dance floor Harry grabbed my hand and lead me to the kitchen to get water.

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