Coffee Shops

After graduating from high school, three friends from a very small town travel to Europe together. They want to create some wonderful memories before they start college in the fall. As they get lost through the streets of London two of the friends run into a radio show host and he is the beginning of a change in all of the girls lives. As they miss home there is one thing that always makes them feel a little closer. Going to coffee shops.


5. Emily Calls

Anna's POV

As we walked into the coffee shop it was completely empty. "Well they look busy haha," Louis said. We all started laughing. I couldn't believe who we were getting coffee with. We sat down at a table and the boys started asking more about us. "So what do you like to do?" asked Niall. "Well I was in dance and softball...and I like to sing...I am not that great though. I mean compared to you guys and everything," I said. "What about you Hannah?" Harry asked. "Well I was in volleyball and track," that's about it I guess..." All of the sudden my phone started vibrating. I looked at the caller ID and it said Emily. "Oh boy...." I said. "What?" Hannah asked. "Emily is calling me," I said picking up the phone, "Hello?" "Where the heck are you guys! you said you would meet me in font of the hotel almost 3 hours ago! You left me here!" "Who is that?" I heard Harry ask Hannah. "She is our other friend that came with us, you see when the man stopped us and gave us the tickets, we were on our way back to the hotel. Emily was going to meet us outside of it...but we both kind of got caught up in the moment and totally forgot to go get her. Now I bet she is really pissed off...." Hannah explained. "Look we are at this coffee shop, come meet us here and we will explain," I told Emily. "Fine," she said as she hung up. "Is she mad?" Hannah asked. "Very," I replied. We all continued talking and the boys asked more about us. Soon Emily walked in. Her eyes were focused on me and Hannah, and I don't think it phased her that we were with people. "How could you guys leave me! What were you even doing?" "Emily let me explain," I started but got cut off right away. "No! I sat there waiting all by myself, and there was this guy...he was really sketchy and he kept looking at me!" "Emily stop," Hannah tried to tell her. "What if I got kidnapped? Then how would you feel? Huh? I was scared for my life! He just sat there watching me!" "Emily," I started, "Let us explain but first can you realize that we are not alone." With that she looked up. "Oh my god...I am so sorry," she started telling the guys, "Why didn't you guys stop me?" she tried to say under her breath as she looked at us then quickly back at the boys. Laughing Hannah said, "We tried you were busy getting your feelings out to us. Here sit down," she said scooting over. "Hello," the boys said smiling. Emily was bright red and she wouldn't look up. "Hey, we are going to go to the bathroom quick," Liam said as they all got up. As they were walking away Emily started asking all her questions, "How did you meet them?" "You see when we were walking back to the hotel this man stopped us and he was a radio host like guy," I told her "and he gave us free tickets to this private concert for One Direction. and we went and everyone got to go meet them...and while we were talking Niall and Harry told us how they were watching us the whole time they were singing and they asked us to coffee. So now here we are." 

Emily's POV

"Are you serious!" I said, "You guys are so lucky! They must think I am a freak! I just came in here and looked like a jerk!" "No," Hannah said, "Don't worry they will think you are great."Just then all of the boys came back. I love them so much and I just hope they don' think I am completely insane. As they sat down it looked like Louis was watching me. Nice now he is going to stare at me cause I am a freak...great. All the sudden Niall and Harry started laughing. Hannah and Anna were just looking at each other smiling and I honestly have no idea what is going on. I look up and Louis was looking at me. "Can I talk to alone?" Louis asked me. "Uhhh...ya...sure." I got up and so did Louis. He started walking towards the back and I followed him. I turned to look back at the girls. They gave me a supportive thumbs up and I turned away. Oh my gosh...what does Louis have to say to me?  Especially if it has to be in private...

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