The Daughter Of Harry Styles

Do you ever have this feeling where you think everyone is looking at you, and secretly judging you? I get that feeling everyday. Especially now.

Hello darlings! I am writing a story from the view of Harry Styles' daughter, Darcy. Love will break out, relationships will be tested, things will get crazy! I think you'll like it. ENJOY!!


11. Chapter 9

No one's POV

Darcy sat there in Jake's arms taking in his scent.  She didn't want to die and leave everyone heart-broken; especially Jake.  Now Darcy had some deep feelings about Jake, but didn't want him to know.  She kept her feelings to herself deep inside so no one could see them; not even Jake.

"Honey,"  Darcy's mom interrupted, "Your father and I are going home.  We will back tomorrow afternoon."

"Why are you going?"  Darcy pulled away from Jake and gave her parents a dejected look.

"I have a very important meeting with my next client in the morning and your father has to record his 'Next Big Star' tomorrow to make the deadline.  It will be alright sweaty,"  She leaned down to kiss her daughter on the forehead," I promise we will be back in the afternoon and stay the night." 

"And Jake will be here tonight to keep you company,"  Her father piped up.

"Okay,"  was all she said to her parents who had disappointed her.  Her parents walked out of the room and left Darcy and Jake in the room.

"Don't worry, Darcy.  I have a fun-filled night ahead of us,"  Jake clapped his hands to get her attention away from the door.

"What exactly do you have panned?"  She raised an eyebrow.

"Well, first,"  He headed over to his backpack and pulled out some DVD's, " We have Pitch Perfect, then Bridesmaids, and your favourite and mine; 21 Jump Street.  And what will we be eating during all of this, you may ask.  Well, we have Oreos, Nutty Bars, and Cheese puffs."  He made a big show out of it and it made Darcy laugh.  He felt a warmness within his heart that made him smile.

"Pop one in, grab the cheese puffs and sit down,"  Darcy motioned to the spot free on her bed for him to sit on.  Jake put in 21 Jump Street, grabbed the cheese puffs, and sat down next to Darcy.  As the movie went on they kept quoting it like it was their job.  It felt like as if they were boyfriend/girlfriend at that moment.  They both wished that they were.


Hello Unicorns!!  You know the drill!!  More chapter are coming!!  Love ya<3

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