The Daughter Of Harry Styles

Do you ever have this feeling where you think everyone is looking at you, and secretly judging you? I get that feeling everyday. Especially now.

Hello darlings! I am writing a story from the view of Harry Styles' daughter, Darcy. Love will break out, relationships will be tested, things will get crazy! I think you'll like it. ENJOY!!


9. Chapter 7

Darcy's POV

I was sitting in English class waiting for the bell to ring for lunch.  Once it did, I sprinted out the door to get to my locker; the English room was in the Junior hallway, meaning that Jared would be there.  I got to my locker and Jake was the only one standing there.

"Where's Marie?"  I asked opening my locker and putting everything in.

"She had to use the bathroom.  She said she'll meet us at the table."

"Alright, just one second,"  I looked in my small mirror hanging on the inside of my locker at myself to check if I looked okay.  I heard Jake sigh beside me.

"What?"  I asked.  He looked at me with the most annoyed face he could muster up.

"Why do you do that?"  He asked.

"Do what?"

"Always check to see if you look good or not."

"I don't know, actually.  I guess it's a girl thing,"  I shut my locker and looked at him.

"Well," Jake started as he put an arm around my shoulder and we started walking to the lunch room, "you don't need to check.  You look fine all day long.  Nothing could mess up your pretty face."  I was stunned.  Jake has never said anything like that to me at all.


Jake's POV

Did I just say that out loud?!  It would've been fine if I was gay.  But I'm not.  Darcy just looked at me in surprise. 

"Th- thank you, Jake.  Really,"  her face softened and she turned back to face the direction we were going.  I only called her pretty. It's not like I called her beautiful; then that would have messed everything up.


Darcy's POV

"Uh, I need to use the restroom really quick,"  I took Jake's arm off of me and I ran to the bathroom.  I leaned on the sinks and ran through the thoughts in my head.  What the hell just happened back there?!



Hello my lovely Swans!!!  I know it's a short chapter, but I've been having a bit of writer's block so I will try harder next chapter.  You all know the drill, follow me on Tumblr, my Twitter is @PaleCinderella, and yeah.  More chapter's are coming!!!!

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