The Daughter Of Harry Styles

Do you ever have this feeling where you think everyone is looking at you, and secretly judging you? I get that feeling everyday. Especially now.

Hello darlings! I am writing a story from the view of Harry Styles' daughter, Darcy. Love will break out, relationships will be tested, things will get crazy! I think you'll like it. ENJOY!!


6. Chapter 5

I wake up Friday morning to the sun hitting my face like a billion flashlights exploded.  I stretch out my arms and hop out of bed.  I really didn't want to go to school today and face Jared.  As I'm walking downstairs, I hear someone snoring; loudly in fact.  I panic and grab the first thing I see; which was a giant paper-weight from the computer desk.  I walk to the living room, following the sound of the snore.  I get into sight of the couch; where I see Jake asleep.

"Jake!"  I scream as I throw a pillow at him.  Nothing; not even a budge.

"Jake!"  I yell again.  And again, nothing.  I walk over to him, bend down to his year and yell, "JAKE!!!"

I step back as he screams and falls off the couch.

"Why did you do that?"  He asks while rubbing his ear.  His hair was a tousled mess and he had dry drool on his cheek.

"You wouldn't wake up.  What are you doing here anyway?"  I ask while helping him up off the floor.  He rubs his eyes and cleans off his cheek with his hand before answering.

"Well, after I brought you home last night, I went to go use your bathroom and when I came back you were asleep.  I didn't want to wake you, so I carried you back up to your room and I came back down here.  I was too tired to go drive back to my place."  He yawned at the word.

"Well you have to go home."  I stated.


"Because, we have school and you need to get ready."  I said matter-of-factly.

" But, I don't want to go to school,"  He whined.  I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to the door.

"Too bad.  Go get ready and I'll call Marie and maybe your dad could take us.  Sound good?"

"I guess."  I shut the front door after he left and ran upstairs.  I got dressed and brushed my hair and teeth, and waited for Marie and Jake to show up.  I did NOT want to see Jared today.  I know he's probably going to say something like, "I got sick," or, "I got caught up," but I know he just wanted to hurt me.

My doorbell rang and I saw Marie standing in the doorway.  She had on a Black Veil Brides T-shirt tucked into a medium length black skirt, along with dark purple socks popping out of her black boots; classic Marie.  Her hair was slightly curled and she had in her purple contacts.

"Hey, chica,"  she said happily, "do you have any pie left?"

"No.  Jake finished it off last night.  Why the sudden interest in my mom's pie?"

"Your mom makes some really good pie.  Hey, sorry about Jared ditching you last night."

"It's alright.  I kind of saw it coming.  Jake was right,"  I sighed.

"You know, Darcy, he's only protecting you.  Jake really cares about you; he doesn't want to see you get hurt.  It kills him inside, Darce,"  a horn sounded off behind her and I saw Jake pop his head out of the front window, " Speak of the devil,"  Marie said while skipping off to the car.  I followed close behind and hopped in the seat next to her, and Jake's dad drove off.  Maybe if  can make through today, I won't have to worry about Jared.

The second I stepped into the door, I heard my name being called.  I knew who was calling me, and I wasn't going to turn around.

"Quick, Darce.  Let's get to class,"  Jake took my arm and pulled me to class so I wouldn't see Jared.  He let go of my arm and I sat down, rubbing the red mark that Jake left.

"Sorry.  Did I pull too hard?"  He asked looking at the mark.

"Just a little bit,"  I said back trying to rub away the slight pain.

"Sorry.  I was trying to get you away fast enough.  I'll make it better,"  He then bent over to my arm and kissed the mark that he left.  And as if in an instant, it felt better.  I felt better.  My heart felt better.



Hello Darlings!  I finally updated the chapter!!  Sorry it took so long; I've had a lot going on.  Hope you all like this chapter.  Comment, favourite, all that good nature.  you know what to do!!  More chapters are coming!! Love ya <3!!!!!!

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