The Daughter Of Harry Styles

Do you ever have this feeling where you think everyone is looking at you, and secretly judging you? I get that feeling everyday. Especially now.

Hello darlings! I am writing a story from the view of Harry Styles' daughter, Darcy. Love will break out, relationships will be tested, things will get crazy! I think you'll like it. ENJOY!!


12. Chapter 10

Darcy's POV

I opened my eyes to a bright light coming from the window.  I felt a tight grip around me and I looked up to see Jake sound asleep next to me; he looked gorgeous when he was asleep.  I didn't want this to end.  I laid my head back down on his chest and fell back asleep.


Jakes POV

I felt movement next to me and my arm being pulled.  I opened my eyes and saw that Darcy had pulled my arm around her as she rolled over to be closer to me.  She looked absolutely beautiful; her hair was a big tangled mess around her face, her eyelashes lay delicately above her cheeks, and her lips slightly parted as tiny puffs of air made their way out of them.  Her eyes fluttered open to look at me and the smile I had on my face.  She returned the smile and we looked deeply into each other's eyes.  I took this as my chance, and leaned in. 

She didn't hesitate, and leaned in as well.  Within seconds our lips touched and instant fireworks sparked.  It lasted for a few seconds, then she pulled away with a shocked expression on her face. 

"Oh my god,"  she hugged her knees into her and clenched onto her hair with fists.  She unhooked the tubes that were connected to her and got out of the bed; she still had her school clothes on, and she grabbed her sneakers and pulled them on.

It took me a while to figure out what she was doing and I rushed over to her before she exited the door.  I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her back.

"Why are you leaving?"  I asked.


Darcy's POV

"Why are you leaving?"  He asked.  I could see the hurt in his eyes as he held onto my wrist.

"Because I'm confused.  We're best friends, and then that happened, and now I don't know what's going to happen,"  I said all in one breath, panting by the lack of oxygen.  He let go of my wrist and held my face with both hands.

"Do you know how long I've wanted to kiss you?  Do you know I've waited to say that I'm in love with you?"

"You're in love with me?"  I asked looking into eyes for honesty.

"Ever since we were six years old."

"Glad to know that you feel the same way,"  I smiled, and his face lit up.  He leaned in once more and crashed our lips together. 



OH MY GOODNESS!!!  IT FINALY HAPPENED!!!!!  You guys, especially jazzybear, have been begging for this chapter.  So here it is my Unicorns!!  You all know what to do!!  More chapter are on their way.  I swear they on a train right now making their way to my house.  Love ya<3

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