Is he the one?

there was a girl Nina, always went to Starbucks. One day her inspiration for writing music walked in. That moment changed her life forever.


9. YES or NO

I finally stopped crying. Max understood i was upset, he apologized several times. I haven't heard from Louis so he probably didn't need me. I was buying a wedding dress, alone, Laura was in Spain on vacation with Alexander, they made up last night after I ran away. I entered the shop with max' credit card. "Can I help you beautiful?" The shop keeper asked. "I'm looking for a wedding dress, obviously." I said a bit awkward. "I see, please follow me I think i have the perfect dress for you." He smiled. I followed him. He pulled two dresses out. I put one of them on and looked at my reflection. "You look stunning darling." he smiled. "I love it, but isn't this a bit to much?" I asked pointing at the puffy shoulders. "I know what you need, please wait here." he said and disappeared in the shop. "We are going live to an interview with One Direction."  the presenter on the little screen said. "So Louis, maybe a hard subject for you: Your ex girlfriend." The presenter said. "I rather don't talk about it. It's still a hard subject to talk about. I really miss her, I love her with every peace of my heart, but another guy was lucky to have her, but I'm sure she's doing the right thing." Louis said. His eyes got watery and Niall stroked his back. "I think this is going to be perfect for you my dear." the guy from the shop said. I put the dress on and admired my reflection. "I look beautiful." i gasp. "What bothers you?" The guy asked. "How did you know something bothered me?" I asked. "I see it all the time and i just have a sence of that." He said. "Well, euhm..." I said. "My bad, Logan is the name." he smiled. "Well Logan, it's complicated, i have to marry the guy i hate to protect the guy i adore, but then i am the bad guy for dumping my ex boyfriend, but all i want to do is protect him and his career." I kept rumbling. "Relax." Logan hushed and led me to a chair. I sat down and sighted as a sign that i didn't know what to do anymore. "You know, my mom told me once that you don't have to mary the person you can live with, but you have to marry the person you can't live without, so follow your heart, if the person you admire loves you too than you'll get trough it together, true love is stronger than everything else." Logan said. "Thanks." I smiled. "I'm going to buy this dress." I said. "Perfect choice, but think about what I said, don't let yourself fade away in the shadows. You have to stand up for yourself." Logan smiled. I paid the dress and went home, to dress up for work. "I put a fake smile on and left, Max was to work. Two weeks left till Louis goes on tour and I lost my freedom. I took my phone and called Louis, Voicemail. "Hey Louis It's me, can you call me when you get this i need to talk to you, it's important." I said. I started working. After my shift, Louis still hadn't called. I gave up, he didn't need me anymore. I drove to my best friends house and felt really sad that Louis didn't need me anymore. "He'll just be busy. You know better than everyone else that he loves you." she hushed. I talked very long with her. A week later I still haven't heard Louis or the other lads. I moved on with pain in my heard, i love Louis with everything I had. I called Louis again. "Louis here." you hear his lovely voice ask. "Why didn't you call me back?" I asked tearing up. "How do you mean call you back, you never called me or text me back." Louis said. "I called you a week ago, i spoke a message in your voicemail. I never received a thing from you." I replied. "I never got that message." Louis said confused. "So you never let me go?" I smiled. "No, I love you." Louis said. "I love you too Louis." I smiled. "So how is mister Cruel?" Louis asked. "He's changing louis, it gives me the creeps, but he hit me yesterday, cause he stole a lady's purse and i threat to call the police." I explained. "Wait he hit you!?" Louis shouted trough the phone. "Please don't scream." I said scared. "Sorry, I didn't want to but it just came out, no one hurts my girl." Louis said. "Louis, I don't know if i can do this, i don't want to marry him, but if i don't your not safe." I cried. "Love, I don't want to be safe anymore, I want to be with you, I can't take it anymore, If i see photo's of you with you and Mr. Cruel i start crying. Every night before i go to sleep i watch the picture of us, that one day in the park was perfect." Louis said. "Louis, I can't back down, i already lost my brother, my child, i don't want to loose you." I said. "You're not going to loose me, I'll always be by your side." Louis hushed. "I have to go, I love you Louis." I smiled. "I love you more." Louis said. You end the call and started smiling like a fool. Everyday Louis and I called each other, I was the happiest girl on earth, well beside the fact that tomorrow my life would be a hell. Tonight was my bachelor party. I asked Louis and the boys to come, of course I had to pay, I didn't mind, it was Max' money anyway, but that way I could spend my last day of freedom with Louis. I dressed up and Laura came to pick me up. "You look beautiful." she smiled and hugged me. "Me? What about you, you look like a superstar." I smiled. "Come on, Lover boy  is waiting." She smiled. We got in her ferrari. "Awesome car by the way." I smiled. "It was a gift, if a boy truly loves you, you get his ferrari, and he drives a ordinary car." she laughed. "I am really happy for you, you finally found the right guy." I smiled. "I love him, he's sweet, he understands me. A bit the male version of you." She joked. "I look hot as dude too." I laughed. We arrived and I spotted Louis waiting outside. I stepped out and ran over to him. I hugged him really tight. He hugged me back even tighter. I never wanted to let go. "I missed you so much." He said tearing up. "I missed you more." I said tearing up as well. He let go. "I can't do this anymore Nina, I need you by my side, i feel like nothing without you, i cry a lot, you are my smile, my everything, without you by my side i don't feel like i'm breathing." Louis said. "I love you Louis, I always carry you with me and i don't know what to do anymore." I said. "But I do." Louis said and kissed me. It was so magical, I felt like I belong in his arms, everything was perfect. Well almost everything, tomorrow I had to marry Max. "I love you Nina, no one in the world could stop me from not moving on." Louis said. Louis and I had fun on my bachelor party, it got pretty late, the sun was rising when I fell on my bed. I fell asleep. "Pretty sunshine wake up, you have to get ready for your wedding." You hear Laura shout. "I don't want to!" i said and turned around to continue sleeping. "No get up!" she shouted. I got up and felt really tired. "Can you please stop shouting, I have a massive hangover." I complained. "Here take this and get up." she demanded. We drove to the little chapel, where the wedding took place. I invited Logan, he was so sweet to me the other day. He was going to make me ready. I stood for the mirror and looked at my reflection. "Logan, I really need your advice, should I marry him?" I asked nervous. "What does your heart say?" He asked back. I looked at my reflection.

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