Is he the one?

there was a girl Nina, always went to Starbucks. One day her inspiration for writing music walked in. That moment changed her life forever.


6. What?

We arrived at Max' house. I was surprised, I thought he would live in an ordinary house, but he lived in a huge villa. I gasped. "You like it?" He asked. I ignored him. "Nina, I'm sorry I had to make you mine, this hard way, but I can't deal with the pain of living without you." Max said. "Why can't you just move on, cause I remember you were the one that dropped me when Melanie died." I said mad. "That was a big mistake." he mumbled. "Whatever." I sighted. "Let me show you your room." He decided. I followed him. "I considered you would be mad at me, so I made a room for you alone." He explained and showed me the room. All I did was gasp. The room was in my favorite colors, bleu and red. "Thank you." I brought out. "It was the least i could do." he whispered and left you alone in the room. I called Laura. "NINA!" she screamed. "Hi." i hushed. "How are you? Did he hurt you? Did he lock you up?" she kept asking. "No, that is the strange point, since i said yes, he is so nice." I said. I walked to the balcony. "So how does his house looks like?" she asked. "Well it is not what i expected, he lives in a huge mansion. I have a separate room with view on the sea." I smiled. "Nina?" I heard Max came closer. "Yes?" I said and covered the microphone. "Dinner is ready. Are you joining me or do you want to wait for a moment?" He was changed, what gave me the creeps. "It's still early, if that clock is right, it's 5 o'clock, I always eat pretty late, cause I can't cook and Laura works late." I tried to make him leave. "I know I was a jerk in the past and in the dance academy, but I really love you, I am so sorry." he apologized. "Sure you do." I mumbled. I looked at the sea again. "If you're hungry, the food is in the fridge." he sighted and left you alone. "Laura?" I asked trough the phone. "Wow, he was nice." she said unbelievable. "I still don't trust him." I decided. "Girl, you have to tell Louis the truth, he thinks you played him all that time." Laura explained. "Please go with me, I am afraid." I begged her. "Fine, I'll pick you up." She laughed. "Laura, I have to go." I said. "I'll pick you up at 4 in the noon, keep tight and I love you sis." She sounded happy. "Too. See you tomorrow." I ended the call and went down. "Max?" I asked when I saw no one in the living room nor in the kitchen. I went to the backyard. Jesus, this place was huge, he had a private beach. I saw him sitting in the sand. I went to him. "What are you doing out here?" He asked mad. "I had a question, tomorrow is Laura's boyfriend's birthday and she asked if I wanted to go from 4 to 7 o'clock, can I?" I asked. "How did she contact you?" he asked still grumpy. "My cell phone." I replied. "Fine." he agreed. "Thank you." I screamed, out of happiness I gave him a kiss at the cheek. I kept sitting next to him. He took my hand. Together we watched the sunset. I thought back at the sunset from yesterday. It was so good then, but tonight it didn't feel right. My stomach groaned. "Seems like someone has hungry." he laughed. "Stop laughing!" I laughed. He stood up and offered his hand. I ignored it and stood up myself. "I'll make you something special, and you can choose." he smiled and walked to the kitchen. After dinner I went to my room and went on twitter. I red all kind off comments, mostly bad, cause they know what happened at the beach. the one that was getting all your attention was the one from Harry. 'Stop hating @Ninabeyou yeah she broke Lou's heart but she was honest so stop it' His tweet made me smile. I went to look at Louis tweets. My mood went back down. 'Yesterday I was on top of the world Today my life is a hell' was his last tweet. I tweeted something to Louis. '@Louis_Tomlinson I'm sorry for the pain, but I had no choice Please forgive me x'. I logged out and lay on my bed. I thought of Louis' sleepover, the best night of my life. I took my purse and took the photo of me and Louis out of it. I made that when we arrived at the park. At the back of it I write in golden letters of a pen I borrowed of Laura: 'I love Louis forever.'. When I wanted to put it back another photo fell out of it. I looked at it. It was a picture of Melanie and me. She was seven months old, but died in my belly, it broke me. My phone lighted up and I saw I had a new tweet. '@Ninabeyou you should've told him the truth.' from an twitter name you didn't know. I put my phone on my new desk and dressed to go sleeping. I pulled the blankets closer. I stared at the roof of my room. I must've fallen asleep, cause when I opened my eyes, the sun came up. I looked at my alarm clock. It showed that it was 7. 21 in the morning. I got up and strolled to the bathroom. "I took a warm shower and pulled out some nice clothes out of my suitcase. I really needed to unpack those. I put on a skinny jeans an a pink T-shirt. with a sentence on it: 'Love can feel like heaven, but it can hurt like hell.'. I walked down. Max was sleeping in front of the TV. I laughed. I walked in the kitchen and tried to figure out how a toaster worked, cause normally Laura made my toast so i could leave at time. Two hands slipped around my waist. "Morning." He yawned. "Morning." i replied and caught my toast mid air when it jumped out of the toaster. "Nice one." Max chuckled. "Thanks." I said and loose his hands from my waist. I went to the sea while eating my toast. My feet were getting wet by the refreshing water. It reminded me of that special moment before it got ruined by a lie I made up because the truth was too scary to tell. My phone went. "Hello?" I asked. "I am coming a little earlier." Laura sniffed. "Laura, what's wrong?" I asked concerned. "Alexander and I had a fight, but I'll tell you about it later, I'm on my way now." she muttered and hung up the phone. Just a few moments later Laura arrived at Max' house. She gasp. "Laura!" I screamed and ran over to her. We hugged really tight and i comforted her a bit about Alexander. "Max, I'm out with Laura!" I shouted trough the house. "Have fun girls!" He shouted back. Laura drove me to Starbucks, to talk about the fight. I got distracted by a paper saying they need employees. "Nina!" Laura laughed when she saw the sign i was staring at. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking." I smiled. "I am so thinking what you're thinking." she smiled and we walked to the boss. "Sir?" I asked. The man turned to me. "How can I help?" he said in a grumpy tone. "I would like to work here." I decided. "Fill this in, you start tomorrow at 10 in the morning, you take the noon shift." He said and gave me a document, where i needed to fill in my name, age, where i lived, my number... . "My name is Niels, I'm new here, I heard that you wanted to work here." A cute boy smiled and offered his hand. I shook it. "My name is Nina and this is my best friend Laura." I introduced us. She smiled a bit. "So Nina, why do you want to work in Starbucks?" He asked. "Cause it's a lovely place and to get out of the house." I answered. "I know how you feel, my girlfriend can be so bossy." he smiled. "It's not the same, but i like to keep that private." I smiled. He hugged me. "Nina, we have to go see Louis, tell him the truth." Laura said. I nodded. We left to Louis house. Before I knocked on Louis' door, I listened. "How could I be so stupid?"Louis shouted and broke a vase I guessed. "Easy, we still need a house!" Harry said. Louis sat down in the couch and hid his face in his hands. "Lou, don't cry." Harry hushed. "How could she hurt me like that?" He asked looking sad at Harry. "I don't know Louis."  He answered honest. I knocked on the door. Harry opened the door. "I don't think you should be here." Harry said. "I have to talk to Louis." I said and pushed him aside. Louis stood up. "What are you doing here?" He asked. "I lied back at the beach, I had no choice." I said. "No choice? You used me!" He yelled. "I didn't, I loved you, I still love you." I said. "How can I believe you know?" Louis questioned. "You just have to." I cried. "I can't. You should leave." Louis said. I ran out crying. I dropped my wallet when I ran out. Harry picked it up and looked at the photo. "Look. It's Nina with a baby." Harry smiled. "Wait she has been pregnant?" Louis asked. Harry took the other photo. "Louis, this is a picture of you two." He said. Louis took the photo. "That was two days ago." He smiled, reminding the moment. "Louis, look the back." harry pointed. Louis turned it around. 'I love Louis forever.' they red. At that moment there was a loud knock on the door. "Louis, open this damn door!" Laura demanded. Louis opened the door. "You are an idiot." she said mad and walked in. "What's wrong with you?" Harry asked. "At this moment everything." she hissed. "Why was I an idiot again?" Louis asked. "You yelled at the girl that saved your life and One Direction's career." Laura explained. The two boys were confused. "What?" They asked at the same time. "Laura saw the pictures in their hands. "You saw the picture with Nina and the baby, did you?" She asked. Louis nodded and sat down. "The baby is Melanie, her daughter, only Melanie died in her stomach at seven months pregnancy, her boyfriend back then, Max, left here. He kicked her out, but she had nowhere to go, her parents could see another baby getting born two months after what happened with her brother. Conclusion Nina was on the street, she had nowhere to go. She was ashamed and didn't dare to come to me. She slept one night in the park. The morning after i saw she was kicked out. I immediately offered her to stay with me. Now her ex-boyfriend is back and he threatened her at the dance academy. He said that if she didn't become his, he would ruin Louis and Nina would end up like Melanie." Laura explained. "i forgot a detail she now lives with that creep.

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