Is he the one?

there was a girl Nina, always went to Starbucks. One day her inspiration for writing music walked in. That moment changed her life forever.


5. the truth please

After a while we arrived at the beach. Laura and Liam ran to the sand and picked a spot for there towel and tan place. I looked at her, she was so special as a friend. Someone slipped his arms around my waist and kissed my shoulder. "I missed you yesterday." Louis whispered in my ears. "I am pretty sure, i missed you more." I winked. he laughed. Hand in hand we walked to Laura. I dropped my stuff. "Last at the water is a loser." Louis shouted. Louis and I ran to the water and played like little kids in the water. Alexander and Laura laid on the beach. Her head was on his chest. I looked a bit jealous at them, they could be together whenever they wanted in three months Louis went on tour. I should've watched louis, cause he picked me up and trow me in the sea. I laughed when i came back up. "Louis!" I shouted and ran after him. I caught up with him and pushed him in the water. He kissed me very passionate "i love you." Louis said between two kisses. "I love you to louis." I smiled. I looked up and i saw a guy watching me. I stood up and walked away. "Hey, love whats wrong?" "Nothing." I sighted. "You know, i get really tired of that answer!" Louis shout. "What do you want, most things we do go public, there is no word privacy anymore!" I yelled back. "I want the truth." Louis shouted. "Just leave me alone!" I shouted and ran back to the car. The boys looked at me Laura wanted to come to me but alexander stoped her. "Love." Louis tried. "Go away." I cried. "No." He said and sat down next to you. I looked at him with crying eyes. "I love you." He smiled. He took my chin and kissed my lips so soft. I loosed. "I can't do this." I said and stood up. "What's wrong?" Louis asked. "I'm in love with someone else." I lied. "You what!" Louis was heart broken. "It's not you, it's me, but i can't be with you." I cried. "Why not i mean you said you loved me?" He cried. "I just can't." I said and ran away. "Nina!" He desparetly shouted when he saw me running away. "Nina!" Laura shouted, she ran after you. She was pretty fast,cause she caught up with you. "What is wrong with you?" She said. "i lied to him,i said i'm in love with Max, but i'm not." I cried. She hugged me tight. I called a cab sat a bit farther to wait on it. Laura went to get my stuff and came back with Alexander. I was crying really hard. I hurt the one that I never wanted to hurt. "I'm here for you." Laura hushed and hugged me. "I lied to the guy I didn't want to hurt, I have to be with the guy I don't love and I broke my love." I sniffed. "Why didn't you tell him the truth?" Alexander asked. "Yeah that is really something I am going to do. Hey Louis, my ex threaten me and if i don't go I am dead and so will be your career. How dumb are you?" I shouted. "Easy, you are still talking to my boyfriend." Laura shouted. We get an argue. Alexander just stood there, but what could he do? When Laura and I had an argument we grew all our anger out. Luckily we hardly ever had a fight. Laura took her stuff and went back to the beach. "Babe?" Alexander asked and ran behind her. There I stood, crying, what did I do, I pushed everyone I loved away. The cab arrived. I stepped in and he drove me home. When I arrived at home, Max was waiting for me at my door. I stepped out and payed the driver. "See was it that hard to break up with that dancing child." Max smiled. "Walk to hell." I hissed. I went inside. "Pack your stuff, you are coming to live with me." he said. Like this day couldn't get any worse. I packed my stuff. "Thanks for the ride, Harry." I hear my friend say. My suitcase was ready. "Max, what are you doing here?" Laura yelled angrily. "He is picking me up." I said with red eyes. "No, don't leave." she yelled, starting to cry. She ran up to me and hugged me tight. "She has no choice." Max laughed and took my suitcase. I had to for Louis. I said goodbye to Laura and stepped in Max' car.

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