Is he the one?

there was a girl Nina, always went to Starbucks. One day her inspiration for writing music walked in. That moment changed her life forever.


10. The runaway bride.

I knew what to do. I looked at Logan. Somehow he understood. Logan distracted Max' sister who was watching me and I took the chance to run. It wasn't easy on stiletto's. I ran to Louis' house. I knocked at his door. No one opened, of course not, he was at the airport leaving for his tour. "Nina?" someone behind me asked. I shocked and turned around, Liam was in his car, with his girlfriend. "Liam, I have to see Lou." I said. Step in, i'll give you a ride to the airport." Liam smiled. "You're an angel thank you so much." I smiled. When we arrived at the airport. "Go get your boy." Liam smiled. "Thank you." I smiled and ran in. "Louis!" I shouted when I saw him. He turned around and smiled. I could see he cried. "Nina." He smiled and hugged me really tight. I hugged back even tighter. "Nina, what the hell are you doing here?" Louis asked. "I love you." you said. "I love you more." Louis smiled and kissed me. "Show me that dress." Louis said and I turned around. "You look so beautiful." Louis smiled. "I chose it for you." I smiled. "Louis, we really have to-. Wow." Harry said. "Come with me, we can go away together, let Max alone." Louis asked. "I wouldn't make it to your first concert." I laughed. "So you're just staying here and take the risk of having to be with that loser forever." Louis said. "Good point." I sighted and sat at a bench. Louis sat down next to you. "I love you, you are absolutely the guy I want, but i'm afraid." I confessed. "It's fine to be scared." louis hushed. "I thought I could save you, you know, keep you safe, but look at me I ran of cause i was scared, and now Max is going to kill me, your career will get ruined and it's all my fault." I said. "It's not, you're a wonderful women, you make my heart raise every time I see you, you make me feel like i am more than just that guy from 1D." Louis said. "I bought you something, cause i was hoping you were going to be mine again." Louis smiled and took out a red little box. "Nina, darling, will you marry me?" Louis asked. I gasp. "No she won't!" Max shouted. I was scared. Louis stood up and protected me. "You'll never get her Max." Max came closer. I saw a knife. "Louis watch out!" I warned and pushed him aside. Max' knife hit my stomach. I fell on the ground "Nina!" Louis shouted. He cried. He looked at Max, he was very mad. Max knew it. Max grabbed Liam's Girlfriend and put a knife against her chin. "If anybody move or calls the police she dies." He said. At the door He cut her arm and ran of. Louis called an ambulance. Liam ran over to his girl. The other boys tried to calm down the fans. "Louis." I coughed. "Nina, It's all going to be fine i promise." Louis hushed. "And if i don't, just know that my answer was yes." I smiled weakly and than it blacked. "The ambulance took you to the hospital. The fans were shocked. "Sir, do you have any idea who did this?" A cop asked. "I know exactly who did this. Max McGregor." Louis said and got in his car. "Wait for me!" Niall said and jumped in the car. Louis drove way too fast to the hospital. He ran in. "Can I help you?" the receptionist asked. "I'm looking for Nina, they just brought her in, she had a wound in her stomach, wore a wedding dress." Louis said in shock. "She's still in PR, please wait for the doctor in the lobby. Louis sat down, he was scared. "Louis Tomlinson?" A doctor asked.

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