Is he the one?

there was a girl Nina, always went to Starbucks. One day her inspiration for writing music walked in. That moment changed her life forever.


11. The hospital

Louis stood up. Niall stood by his side. "I think it's better if you sat down." He sighted. Louis sat down. "She is not going to make it, unless she get a new heart. I'm really sorry." The doctor said. "So she' dying unless she gets a heart." Louis asked started to tear up. Niall hugged him. "We'll figure something out, it'll be al right, i promise." Niall hushed. "Can I see her." Louis said. "She is in room 283. Keep tight boy, we're trying to find her a heart as soon as possible. "Thank you doctor." Louis said. "Niall call Laura, just tell her she's in the hospital room 283, I'll tell her the bad news." Louis sighted and walked to my room. He opened the door and saw me lying there so peaceful. His knees got weak. He held my hand. "She'll be one, just trust in it." a voice said. Louis looked around, but saw no one. "Who said that?" he asked. "I did." he heard.  He turned around and saw Logan stand in the doorway. "Logan, you scared me." Louis said. "Sorry." He apologized. "What are you doing here? Where is Laura?" Louis asked. "Laura is on her way, I'm here cause she my lost sister, or I am her lost brother." Logan said. "That's absurd." Louis said confused. "But it's true and I already said I am donating my heart for her." Logan said. "Mate, why would you do that, you have a life, don't you wan't to keep it?" Louis said. "My life is horrible, I work to pay of my rent. The love of my life doesn't speak to me. If i don't pay 1 million pounds at the end of the month, I'm on the street, she has much more, she has you, the love of her life, every time she talks about you she lights up, she's so happy with you. I can't wish for more. All i ever wanted was my sister to be happy. I looked for her for 15 years and now i finally found her, i had my life, she is just at the start of it." Logan smiled and stroked my cheek. "Is she alright!?" Laura shouted. She hugged Louis. He cried in her shoulder. "She's going to be alright, thanks to Logan, he's sacrificing his heart for his sister." Louis said. "I can't let you do that." Laura said. "It's to late, in one hour the operation starts. "My baby where is my child?" A female voice said. "Nina!" She shouted and pushed Louis aside. "This is your fault." My mom shouted to Logan. "Can i say something?" Louis asked. "Shut up no one likes you." she yelled. "Is my nose still there?" Louis asked Laura. She had to do her best not to laugh. "I don't like being treated like that, for your information i'm keeping her alive here." Logan reacted. "This is your fault." she shouted. "No it's not." Louis said. "Max did this, actually he did it with me, but Nina pushed me aside. She needs a new heart and Logan is giving it to her." Louis explained. "He's the hero here." Laura smiled. "You don't know a thing about my daughter." my mom said. "Excuse me? i've been by her side since kindergarden, she stayed at my place cause you kicked her out." Laura said. "I was at Melanie's funeral, but I can't remember seeing you there. Laura defended herself and the others. 

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