Is he the one?

there was a girl Nina, always went to Starbucks. One day her inspiration for writing music walked in. That moment changed her life forever.


4. tell or not

"Come on." He smiled and offered me his hand. I took it, looking at him with a bright smile. He was so sweet. "Guys, tomorrow we go to the beach, with Laura, her boyfriend and my love." Louis announced. "Awesome!" Liam and Niall shouted at the same time. "Can my girl come to?" Zayn asked. "I think we need to rent a bus." I joked. They all started laughing. "I expected that kind of reaction more from Louis." Harry laughed. The others agreed. "Well, my love is special and full of surprises, isn't she?" Louis smiled and pecked your lips. "Laura, can I talk to you in private please?" I asked a little nervous. "Sure." she agreed and you walked a little away from the group. "What's the matter?" Laura asked concerned. "I don't know how to tell him." I whispered nervous. "Just tell him when you're ready to tell him." She calmed you down. "But i can't it will break his heart when i tell him." i freaked. "Just calm down, he'll understand." she shushed. I hugged her. "It's okay, I'm her for you." Laura hugged back. We walked back to the group. "Is everything ok, Love?" Louis asked and kissed your forehead. "Yeah, it's all fine." I lied. "No, it's not these beautiful eyes tell me something is bothering you." Louis said. "it's just the guy that hit me, but not important." I sighed. "Who's hungry?" Alexander shouted. "I am!" Niall yelled. "I'm hungry too." Zayn smiled. My stomach growled. "We have another guest." Louis laughed. It made me smile. "I love you." I pecked his lips. "I love you more." Louis smiled. We all went to Nando's, cause it was Niall's favourite restaurant. Louis an I went to the park. He held my hand. "Nina, i want you to know I love you very much, you are special and i never want to loose you." Louis said and kissed your hand. My eyes got watery. "Why are you crying, love?" he asked stoking you cheek. "Nobody ever said something as beautiful as that." i lied. I hated lying to him. i cried, cause i would break his heart telling him about Max. "Where is that beautiful smile?" he asked. "On your lips." i teased him. I leaned in, when suddenly a girl screamed. "Oh my God, it's Louis Tomlinson!". I let go. "Can I have a picture with you?" she asked. "Sure." Louis smiled. "Do I need to take the photo?" I offered. "If you want to." she smiled. "Say cheese!" I smiled. I took the picture and gave it back to her. "Thank you." she smiled and left. "That was really sweet of you." Louis smiled and wrapped his arm around my waist. "You care much about your fans and if you care I care." I explained. "I want to show you my favourite place." Louis laughed and pulled me to the bridge a little further. "Wow, it's beautiful." I gasped. It really was, the view was breath taking. Louis stared at me. I looked a little unsure at him. The guilt was coming back. 'Should I tell him?' my mind was going mad about that question. "Please stop staring at me, it gives me the creeps." I said a bit scared. "Sorry, I really didn't want you to feel uncomfortable." Louis look at the horizon. I needed to tell him. "Louis." I started. "Yes?" His beautiful blue eyes turned to me. I couldn't tell it. "I am a bit cold." I smiled. "Here take my jacket." He smiled and put his jacket on your shoulders. "Thank you." You blushed and pecked his lips. He kissed you really soft, it was the best kiss ever. The need of breath ended the kiss. I looked back over the water I saw two swans they formed a heart with their heads. What did I want more? This place right here was the place I wanted to be forever, in Louis' arms watching the sunset with no one bothering us. "I love you, Nina." Louis said out of nowhere. "I love you more Louis." I sighted. I really loved Louis, but I constantly lied to him, about what happened in the dance academy. "Nina, what happened in the academy?" Louis asked concerned. There you had the question I hoped never would be asked. "I watched Laura her part and when I wanted to drink something in the cafeteria, my ex boyfriend hit me really hard, but I'm fine now in your arms." I smiled. I didn't lie, I just skipped a few things like the part that he wanted me back, but I just didn't want any discussions with Louis. "It's alright, you're safe with me." he said and hugged me protective. "It's getting late, we should go home." Louis said when the darkness arrived. "Do you want to stay at my place tonight? Laura wouldn't mind." I asked him. "No, thanks for the offer, but I'm going home, Harry needs me as his older brother." Louis refused friendly. Louis drove you home. "Here we are beautiful." Louis smirked. "Thank you. Are you sure you don't want to come in?" I begged him. "Those puppy eyes are irresistible." he was thinking. "Tomorrow, I have to do something." he decided. "Well you are going to miss me." I teased him. "You know I would." he laughed. I kissed Louis. His hand was at the back of my neck. I loosed. "I'll see you tomorrow." I winked. he wanted to kiss you again, but you stopped him. "That's for tomorrow at the beach." I teased him. "Goodnight, Love." he said while he bit his lips. "Goodnight, I'm going to miss you." I sighted. "I'm missing you already." he winked. I blew him a kiss, when I arrived at the door. "I love you!" he shouted. "I love you more!" I shouted back and closed the door. I heard his car leave. I was in heaven. I sat down in the couch and probably fell asleep. "Nina, wake up!" Your friend shouted. I woke up screaming, cause she scared me. "Did you have to scare me?" I asked her. "If I didn't you never would've heard me." she laughed. She was right, I was a deep sleeper. "What's wrong?" I yawned. "Louis called your cell, he said we need to be ready at 10 o'clock in the morning." She explained and went to the kitchen. "What time is it?" I asked. I was way to lazy right now to search my watch and look at the time. "9." she replied. I went to the kitchen for breakfast. "Hi." Alexander smiled from the kitchen table. "Morning." I yawned. I took a toast Laura made for me. She made me one every morning. She was a sweetheart, I could imagine a life without her. "Thanks for the toast." I chuckled with a mouth full of bread. "Take a shower, I am going to prepare or bags." She demanded. "I'm making my own if you don't mind." I said. "Who said I did? I was talking about Alexander's bag and mine." she laughed. "Thank you Princess." Alexander winked and kissed her really passionately. "I'm taking a shower." I said and left to the bathroom. After a long shower I knew what to do. Showers were a really good place to think. I had to tell Louis today, the sooner I tell him how less pain it will be. I brushed my hair. I put on my new bikini, a short and a wide top, with stripes. I putted on some lipstick. I criticised my reflection. "You look fabelouis." Laura smiled, when she saw me. I had to laugh. I took a towel and some sun cream. My sunglasses were new and matched the colour of my bikini. I put it in my hair. Just at the moment that I was finished with everything, the bell went. I raced down and opened the door, no one, just a note. I picked it up and went back inside. (Don't forget our deal, the sooner your mine the sooner I leave Louis alone.) I red. Now I was terrified, he stalked me and Louis. The bell went again. I opened it with a big smile. "Love!" Louis shouted and hugged you really tight. I kissed him. It was very passionately. "Let's go! Harry shouted. "Don't rush my love, Harry!" Louis shouted back. "Are you ready?" he asked. "yes, just let me get my bag." I pecked his lips and ran upstairs after my bag. I rushed back down and closed the door behind me. Laura and Alexander were already in the mini van. "Louis opened the door for you. "Thank you, gentleman." I blushed and sat down. Louis sat down next to me. I really had no idea what to do. I felt so guilty.

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