Is he the one?

there was a girl Nina, always went to Starbucks. One day her inspiration for writing music walked in. That moment changed her life forever.


12. Operation love

"Logan Henderson?" A doctor asked. "Yes?" Logan said. "It's time to say goodbye." the doctor said. Laura hugged Logan really tight. "I'm going to miss you." she said. "I'm gonna miss you too." Logan said. "I'll never forget you man, you are my hero." Louis said. "Take care of her." Logan said. "I will." Louis promised. "Good or i'll kill you when you're in heaven." Logan joked, but no one laughed. "I'm going to miss you." Logan said. "Bye mother." Logan said and left. They got me out of the room and left Louis and Laura stand there hoping that you'll be alright. My mom left. She couldn't stand hospitals. After 3 hours they brought me back in the room. "Everything went as we planned. She's going too make it, but it could take a few days for her to wake up." The doctor said. Louis could kiss him. "Thank you so much." Louis smiled. "I'm just doing my job Sir." The doctor smiled. "Laura was happy but not that happy. Logan was no longer with them. Louis noticed and hugged her. "He was my best friend." She cried. "He's always with you, in here, in your heart." Louis smiled. Laura's phone went. "Hello? she sniffed. "Where are you, we are all waiting for you." Alexander whispered. "I'm not coming Sweetheart, Nina is in hospital." Laura started crying again. "I'm on my way." Alexander said. "No, it' your big night, your family needs you." Laura said. "My big night means nothing without you by my side." he said. "I'm coming over then." Laura said. "I love you." he smiled. "love you too." Laura said and hung up her phone. "I'll call you when i know something more." Louis promised. She left. Louis sat next to my bed. He held my hand. Time past by, he just sat there crying and hoping you would wake up. He stayed awake all night. Next morning Laura came to visit me. "Here i bought you a coffee." She said. "Thank you." he cried. "She's going to be fine." Laura promised. "I know but every time i close my eyes I see her lying on the floor covered in blood." Louis cried. "They stayed by my side for another night. Louis still hadn't slept a second. I moved my head a bit. "Laura!" Louis said and woke her up. "What's wrong?" she asked. "Nina moved her head." he said exited. Laura look and saw nothing. "You're awake for a long, maybe you should go to sleep." She said. Louis sat back down next to my bed and held my hand. He fell asleep. I opened my eyes really slowly.

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