Is he the one?

there was a girl Nina, always went to Starbucks. One day her inspiration for writing music walked in. That moment changed her life forever.


7. i do

I ran to Melanie's grave. I cried really hard, remembering what happened. My phone went. I looked at it, it was Louis. What was i suppose to do? I decided to pick up. "Hello?" I asked with a weak voice. "Nina." he sighted from relieve. "I was wrong, I am sorry, please forgive me?" Louis said. "It's fine, I should apologize to you." i sniffed. "No, i should've believed you and listened to you." Louis explained. "Meet me in Starbucks tomorrow at 10." I obligated him and hung up. I went home. When I arrived at home Max was not there. I put on the television and made myself a snack. "Breaking news, Louis Tomlinson was attacked in the mall. The male who attacked him was Max McGregor. Louis isn't hurt bad, his bodyguard Paul saved his life." the news presenter announced. I looked shocked. "Really, it's already on the news." a voice behind me said. I turned around. "The attacker could escape." the news presenter finished. "We had a deal." I said scared as hell. "So did we." he hissed. "Luckily i got a job now." i smiled. "Where?" he asked. "Starbucks." i said. "We had a bad start, lets start over again." he sighted. i nodded. "Nina, will you marry me?" He asked and sat down on one knee, he held out a diamond ring. I gasped at the ring. "Only if you promos to leave Louis alone and i can be friends with him." I said. "I promise." Max sad. "Yes, i will marry you." i said without any sign of love. He put the diamond ring on my finger. Time passed by so quick when i was crying at my best friends house, cause I had no clue how to tell Louis that i was about to marry a creep. It was 1 am when i got home. Max was asleep in the couch. The television showed an interview where Louis talked about you. *So, Louis you say that this girl might be the love of your life* the interviewer said. I'm sure she is.* Louis smiled. Tears streamed down my face. *We hope you are right.* I ran to my room and locked myself in. "Next morning i woke up at six in the morning, I made myself breakfast. I prepared myself to work and i finally pulled the door close behind me around 9 o'clock. i drove past a florist. I bought flowers for on Melanie's grave. I arrived at Starbucks. Louis was already there. He had a bouquet of flowers. I saw him and smiled for no reason. Louis stood up. "I am sorry about yesterday." he smiled and gave you the flowers. I stepped inside, cause i had to work. "Look, there is something i've got to tell you, but i don't know how." I said scared. "What's wrong?" he asked confused. "Max proposed." I mumbled. Louis teared up. "I had no choice Louis, he attacked you, cause he knew you called me and that we would meet here. I marry him only if he leaves you alone and we can be friends." I almost cried. Louis grabbed my hand and kissed me. This felt so right and comfortable. He let go. "I love you and I will never stop." Louis said and let you work. I served the customer and sat at Louis table. "I love you Louis." I smiled. "If you love me, why are marrying that dude." Louis said mad. "To protect you." You almost shouted. "I would die for you, so you could live, that is how much i love you." i said and got back to work. "Look I'm sorry." Louis said again. "Just go." I almost cried. Louis hugged me tight. "I don't want to lose you, not again." He hushed. I pushed him away and got back to work. "There is my future wife." Max laughed. "and her stupid friend.". "Stay nice to my friends." I hissed. " I should probably go." Louis sighted. "No Louis wait." I tried. 

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