Is he the one?

there was a girl Nina, always went to Starbucks. One day her inspiration for writing music walked in. That moment changed her life forever.


2. first kiss

I was just home when I received a text. *It's Louis, i wanted to ask if you came to the sleepover tonight with me and the boys? Please? x* I smiled. and typed a reply. *Why not? tell me where and when and i'll be there. x*. I got my bag and prepared myself for a fun night. I took a shower and pull on a comfortable top and a skinny jeans. My hair is in a messy bun. My phone let me know that i received a new text. *7.30 at high street 70 x* I looked at my watch: 7 pm. I grabbed my bag and stepped in my car. It was hard to find but at 7.20 I arrived at his house. I rang the bell. Louis opened the door and gasped at you. "what's wrong?" I asked nervous. "Nothing." he smiled. "Yo Louis, what takes you so long?" Zayn shouted from the living room. "Come in." He offered. "Thanks." i winked. As a gentleman he took my coat and i pulled my shoes out. "Zayn, Liam and Harry, this is Nina, she is the girl that sang in Starbucks." Louis introduced me. Harry kissed my hand. "Enough Harry." Louis hissed jealous. "Relax, I'm not going to date her, I'm just charming to her." Harry teased Louis. The bell went, Niall had arrived. I sat down between Zayn and Liam. "So Nina, tell us about yourself." Liam requested and looked in my eyes. "Well I write music. I sing. I just finished my first year at Law school and i like food,ever since my ex boyfriend cheated on me." I said. My expression changed to a sad face. "Well he has no idea that he replace a diamond with a stone." Louis said. I blushed. "Look Louis she is so cute when she blushes." Harry almost shouted. It made me laugh. "What are we going to do?" I asked. "Well we had a disney movie for Liam and than a triller to get you nightmares." Niall teased you. "Try to make me scared, it's just a movie." I smiled. "Well this you are going to love." Zayn said. "I doubt it i prefer comedy, action and romance." i had fun. The boys were nice. "I didn't know if you got good taste of candy, so i brought some." I said and got it out of my bag. Niall grabbed a bag to look at it. "These are my favorite!" He yelled. "Really, I actually prefer these." I said holding out a bag of A B C candy. "Those are my favorites." Louis smiled. "Is that so?" i smiled cheeky. Louis took the bag and started to run. "Try to catch me!" He shouted. I jumped up and run after him. "Louis!" I yelled trying to catch up with him. He hid in a room upstairs, but i had no idea with room. "Come on, Lou, where are you?" i asked. i opened a room, but regretted that immediately, cause there was a mask. I hated masks, because it remind me of carnival last year. My brother disappeared and later was found dead. I scream and fell on the ground, crawling back. Louis came out of the room he hid in. "What's wrong?" He worried. I didn't say a thing. Louis gave me a tight hug. "What's going on here?" Liam and the boys came running up. "M...Ma...Mask." I shook. "What about it?" Niall didn't understand. "Carnival, Freddy gone, dead." I mumbled. Louis looked shocked. Louis picked me up very careful. He carried me down. He places me in the seat on his lap. "It's alright nobody is going to hurt you." Louis hushed. I calmed down a bit. Louis kissed my head. I realized what just happened in front of the boys. "I need some air." I decided and walked to the garden. It was peaceful outside. "Are you alright?" I heard Louis ask. "I'm fine. You'll probably think I'm a weird freak." I replied. "No, I think you're beautiful." He said. I blush and looked at the ground. Louis took my chin. I looked in his beautiful eyes. "There's something about you Nina, every moment I'm with you, you take my breath away." He confessed. It made me blush even more. He took a tress out of my face and placed it behind my ear. He came closer and closer. When his were a few millimeters away from yours, Harry came outside. "Sorry to interrupt but you need to come inside something happened and it's important." He said and ran back in. We followed him. "Today there was a plain crash. It would be the private jet from Taylor swift. She isn't found yet, but we hope she is alright." the presenter of the news said. Everyone became quiet. "Harry was tearing up. "Hey, don't cry, she will be alright." I promised him. He dried his tears. "You'll probably be right." He cried. "Apparently there is more news. The FBI found Taylor, she is till alive, she survived." The presenter said happy. Harry lighted up. "How did you know?" He said. "Magic and faith." I smiled. "This looks crazy doesn't it, i still love her even known that we broke up." Harry smiled "Movie time!" Liam shouted and got Pocahontas out of his bag. "Awesome!" I shouted and laid down in front of the TV. Louis laughed and sat down in the armchair. It was pretty late and i was a little tired. I fell asleep. I woke up cause of a nightmare about my brother. I was covered with a blanket and someone's arm was around my waist. I turned around to see who it was. My turning woke Louis up. "Sorry." he whispered and he wanted to pull his hand back. "No it's fine." I smile and I put his hand back around my waist. He had a wonderful smile. I laid closer to him. His heartbeat was fast. I wondered if it was because of me. My phone went. I picked up. "Hello?" I whispered. "Nina! Where are you? i'm worried sick. Why didn't you answer my texts?" Laura yelled. "I'm with Louis Tomlinson and the boys." i hushed her. "OMG!" She shouted. "SHHHHH..." I said. I walked to the garden. "Louis asked me to their sleepover." I explained. "You could've told me that." she said. "I'm sorry." I said. "I see you tomorrow then." she sighted. "Till tomorrow." I smiled. Two arms slipped around my waist. My heartbeat raised, when his adorable accent whispers in my ear. "Where were we earlier?". "Not now." I said and went to the pool. I was afraid he would be a star who dates everyone. He laid down in the grass. I laid beside him. "It's beautiful." I gasped. "Not as beautiful as you." he smiled. It stays quiet, not an awkward silence, but a nice one. "That song in the Starbucks, it was good, from who is it?" he asked. "I wrote it myself, with my best friend." I said proud. "Are you a songwriter?" he asked. "Well you can call it that to me it is a way to express things i can't say." I explained. He was so close. He came closer. I leaned in. He kissed me.

*next chapter comes later hope you like it.*

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