It all started at school

This is about a girl aria who ends up dating Justin. And they end up having sex and have a baby what! Will happen will Justin stay with aria or leave her


6. So u I love u

So me and Justin got so soon but we have a couple of hours I don't think we're going to school.! Morning babe he says morning I say. How much do u love me I aske?. want me to show you he put me up on the counter and kissed me passionilty . An went down my neck hitting my sweet spot causing me to moan. J-Justin I said he whispered in my ear yes? We've got school! I'm not going I'm showing how much I love u. And this is just the beginning . I've got to feed the baby.! Let go I said he pecked me and let go he went to cooked breakfast. Authors note: hey guys I actually have to take the baby out the story so it can get interesting k so know more baby.! Justin I'm gonna drop the baby off to her NEW parents k bye


* 30 minutes passed *

im back babe ! I yelled hi he yelled back. And ran up to me and gave me a kiss baby's gone so now we can do what we want! Come to the room! Y I asked curious! You will see!

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