It all started at school

This is about a girl aria who ends up dating Justin. And they end up having sex and have a baby what! Will happen will Justin stay with aria or leave her


7. Night of my life

We got in to the room and I asked what we are doing? He said we were finishing off what we started. No said no we ca- and before I finished my sentence he was kissing my sweet spot causing me to moan. He rip my shirt off and took off my pants and unclappsed my bra and he put me on his waist and put me on the bed. He kissed me and kept kissing me he took my under wear off and went to my spot he got undressed and he put his dick in me. FUCK ME JUSTIN I screamed gripping the covers. I'm almost there I said faster FASTER he obeyed! 


We were so exhausted we fell asleep addmidietly .

the next morning I woke up and saw Justin was laying next to me I was thinking about last night an how it was awesome .

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