It all started at school

This is about a girl aria who ends up dating Justin. And they end up having sex and have a baby what! Will happen will Justin stay with aria or leave her


1. Meeting him

So I just woke up and my mother told me to get my ass up ! That really gets me mad so ya know I get up and get ready. And then the bus arrives as I head out the door and something tells me in forgetting something but I just walk out. An get on the bus and realize grrrrr I forgot my purse ! Fuck I say to my self. So I arrive to school and head  to my locker. Get my books out and I'm about to go to my class and get knocked to the floor by some jerk and that jerk was Justin Bieber! I said " watch where ur going u fucking jerk!" Sorry he said" he lent me his  hand and I took it. After I got up I walked away well was about to but got stopped by Justin he said maybe we should me up I said sounds good!.

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