It all started at school

This is about a girl aria who ends up dating Justin. And they end up having sex and have a baby what! Will happen will Justin stay with aria or leave her


4. 2 months later

So I told Justin everything he was happy so was I we were making out a little not as much instill I started having contraptions he rushed me to the hospital an it was time I'm having the baby. So an hour later I had the baby it was  a GIRL yea!!!! The baby was able to be takin home 2 day I happy about this! I had sex be cane pregnant and now I'm a mother! Best time this is awesome I love Justin and I definitely can tell he lives me cause he kisses me a lot her gave me a hickey! Well it's been about 2 weeks sine the baby has been home  and we even found a home relive together and we are happy ! 

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