It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


2. Vicky's singing in the shower again

Jack's Pov

Mum , Dad i need to tell you something , well two things one is good and one is half good ,

‘go on’ dad said as he joined us at the table with three cups of coffee yum

‘well the first is tonight i am at the award show , i found out i am aloud one  guest and that guest is going to be Vicky and the second is urm i have been called up for war training , it starts Tuesday i flight out to afgaisthan on the first Tuesday next month . ’

‘well the first is brilliant i am so proud you have chosen your little sister , but the second is well ...

And then the tears rolled down my own mothers checks , i wiped them away and finished her sentence , ‘ scary , and at an unfortunable part of time , but it’s my job and I do love serving for the queen mum even if the pain and timing can be uncontrollable ... i paused ... ‘ i will tell Vicky tonight (i lied Vicky already new) please mum dont cry i want to go up and tell Vicky to get her party dress on and stuff ready by 4 as i need to be leaving , i do love you and i promise that i will have y best friend josh look after her after all we can trust him i have known him since i was 2 ,’

I got up ran up the stairs and knocked on Vicky’s door , she opened and invited me in .

‘how did telling mum and dad go ?’ my little baby sister questioned

‘never mind about that get your party dress on but look smart not trampy ! we are off to an award ceremony tonight i need you ready by 4 and just a quick one we are taking you 7 seater unfortunately mine is in the garage .’ ‘go go go ’

‘hahah okay jack and you know me i am only trampy at haloween :P ’


Vicky's Pov

i guess this party is the thing they are hiding from me YAY !




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