It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


57. Thursday Night

Shez POV

Two weeks left. I think soon my beautiful daughter will be the happiest women alive.When we fly home withing 6 weeks the boys and her are coming over to see me after all she is their family. Vicky has set up 3 interviews for them.

So from my point of view Niall is THE perfect boy for her.Just fits as her missing piece of her life's puzzle. Jack of course is happy for them and contacts her and us every week Via bluies special military writing kits.So life is working for both my children and that makes me the proudest women to ever walk the earth.


"Yes sweetie"

"Come on Niall's paying for us to get our nials done"

"what now ?"

"Come on mum"

so at 5pm we left for the salon . A nice french manicure for us both and a quick massage was squeezed in too .

As we walked back into her appartment Niall and Lux were asleep on the sofa Louis was having a chat with Vicky's dad. Harry and Liam were just about to leave and Zayn had just left to collect somebody from the airport. 

"Mrs Woodland would you and your husband like a lift back to the flat ?"

"That would be lovely Harry thank you !. I will just go and grab him otherwise we could be here all night"

As i walked off to grab him Harry and Liam hugged Vicky and wisphered in her ear . 

"Ah thanks lads . Can i offer you the fuel fair ?"

"You can offer but we will never except . I shall pick you up at 12 tommorrow as Niall and Vicky have to pop to her design house for and hour or so in the morning."

"Okay thank you boys."


Louis POV

"Vicky .."

"Yes Lou ?"

"I'm going to miss being here with you and Nialler."

"We shall miss you too . But you are always welcome here"

"Thanks Viks. But your like my partner in crime my little sister."

"My brother . partner in crime and best boyband friend i will miss you lots"

"Viks lets put Niall in bed and Lux in her cot and watch a movie ?"

"Okay you do Lux i'll get Niall in bed"

So i picked up Lux and carried her into the spare room and into her cot once i got back Niall was just walking into his room followed by Vicky.

Once she came back she was in her cream silk nightie her hair was tied back in a messy pony tail and all make up was removed.A large bowl of popcorn was balance at her waist and a huge spare duvet was being pulled across the floor . 


"haha okay Louis find it in the box and sort that out i will just go and give Niall some fresh water."

At 8.30 we snuggled down and i embraced Vicky and we watched Whip It.

Once finnished Vicky was asleep so i just snuggled futher down and slept too. 



"w-what Vicky"

"Urm Lux is crying and Niall is fast asleep and The Horans and Granny shelly are coming today... 

In approximately 30 minuets"

"Niall Baby wake up ... The family will be here in half an hour!" 

"what! but but i need you now all morning glory please"

"We have half an hour fifteen minuets lets go !"

Then all i heard was a bang and quite a few moans and groans but soon they had finnished and the sheet of the bed was wrapped around the naked couple whilst i opened the door to the family .... 


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