It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


10. They met Jack

Vicky's Pov

‘VICKY I WON I WON ’ screamed jack i jumped up and hugged him kicking my legs around like a four year old , i turned round to see the boys getting up ,

Jumping down from jack the boys began to introduce themselves , hand shaking and each saying ‘hi i’m____________ and i m from one direction’ but it got to harrys turn and he didn’t say one direction instead he said white Eskimo , my brother looked confused but niall sorted it out .

Nialls pov

God sake harry !

‘ONE DIRECTION WING 3 FAR LEFT IN 5 SOUND CHECK’shouted some random guy

Anyway as we left i promised i would text Vicky , but whilst waiting in the wing i could feel the hairs on the back of my neck rise i knew the boys where starring at me . as i turned i saw Louis he gave me a chicky little grin , i just turned back around i knew why they were staring an it was true she was beautiful but we had only just met ...


‘i will drive past your house , and if the lights are all down , i’ll see whoses around’


Vicky’s pov

OH MY GOD whats just happened my favourite boy band in the world literally looked after me hoooooooo secret fangirling !!!

So do you fancy another drink then ? i asked jack ,

‘no i’m alright thanks’


I stood up and went to the bar i was aware that one direction had finished singing so they should be somewhere around , but i ordered my drink half a pint of guniess and turned round i saw jack was off with the celebrities having photos taken with them etc so i slumped back in my seat at exactally the same time as harry. The other boys soon filled up the table and Louis went for drinks ,

‘you guys were great , thank you for singing here tonight’ i said

‘it wasn’t our best ‘ said liam sending a shocking glance at harry

‘anyway lets learn about you shall we?’ said zayn

‘sure but what do you want to know ?’

‘lets start with how old are you ?’ said niall

‘oh i’m just turned 19’

‘cool ,urm what do you do for a living ?’ said liam

‘i’m about to either start a business or get a job within the fashion industry’  

A few hours later they were finished and harry was really drunk this was awful , luckly we were all staying in the same hotel a few miles out of the city but harry wouldn’t go with the others mainly because they were being very icy towards him so i plooped him in the back of my car with jack and drove to the hotel me and jack got harry out of the car and basically gave him to paul. 

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