It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


17. the plan

Nialls pov continued

As me and lux sat in a local park car park in Vicky car Vicky ran out with my ID card and straight up to Paul in which she hugged him and screamed Uncle Paul oh i have missed you and slipped her car keys unseen into his back pocket then they led into the hotel and straight up to her room she ordered that every boy was to put on a wig etc and then follow Paul around the back of the  Hotel and to her car where they would drive and pick her up at Marks house in exactally 15 minuets she walked straight out of the front of the hotel


Vickys Pov

 I  said through the mega phone ‘unfortunaltly my uncle paul has been taken sick he suddenly collapsed if you ar true fans can you please back off to the rectory park and field and wait for the arrival of the one direction boys who will do a small concert in order to keep the hospital waiting area free of fans’ i stepped down and watch them all turn and run towards the park 2 miles away from the one where the boy actually where i grabed a bag and ran to marks house my car was in the drive with7 adults in it and one baby and the door was open with mark and jack stood there i handed over the bag and my travel card so jack could catch the train home later on and then ran to the car , it was abit of a squish but nothing to serious first we pulled up to the rectory the boys quickly sung little things and teenage dirt bag and then apologised and i then guieded paul to my house over 50 miles away and then stepped out of the car pushing past harry and straight into my house i ran to the kitchen and said 

‘mum do not panic but can you please say hello to the boys from one direction , i am helping them i know you are leaving in like 12 hours but can me and you please talk quickly about the fact that they are going to have to stay here for three days’

‘Okay that’s fine and jack is on the train he has rang me and told me everything he knows , Hi boys i’m vicky’s mum you can call me Shez’

‘ hi were one direction i’m Harry , i’m niall , I’m Liam , Hi i’m Louis and zayn and these are our hair styeist and makeup artist Lou and her baby Lux and security head Paul’ the said basically in union.

‘now guys i dont know how you want to do this but i have a room where with one double bed and enough space for a single and the travel cot that mum has got in her room , We have two double spare rooms and we have a small annex where we can fit a bed and there is the sofa where i could sleep’ so just take your pick really.’ I said

‘ Well can me lux and harry sleep in your room as harry is lux’s god father so it would make sence’ said Lou

‘me and niall in a spare’ screamed Louis all excitedly

‘me and zayn in the other spare’ said liam

and that leaves paul with the annex i said i will just have to pop to my grans to get the camp bed so i will show you to your rooms and if you fancy you can come with me or whatever you want’ i said

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