It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


45. The next day

Niall's Pov

oh how Vicky cried , she sobbed all night . she pulled me into her bunk and wrapped the covers around us both she snuggled into me and cried all night until finally she fell to sleep . 

we understood how she felt well kind off we were upset that he was leaving , but seeing Vicky cry we all just got into bed and scrolled our twitters before turning out the lights and falling to sleep

i was not letting my princess go not tonight not ever i pulled her closer and kissed her on the forehead . i soon fell to sleep but at 9am i was awake again in vickys bunk her clothes thrown on the floor and my hoodie taken from the bottom of her bunk nd the sweats and grey all stars taken from her cupboard. the smell of toast rose into the air , i walked through into the kitchen to see lou giving hugs to Vicky whilst Louis made the toast and jammed it. Zayn came back in from smoking harry came out from the shower room and Liam walked in from the games room with Lux , Vicky just sat there with her coffee in hand and un touched toast on her plate infront of her. her make up stains still on her face and her hair tied up in a pony tail. i was the last day before out weekend off and Vicky had already shorted out our outfits for the interview but not to the small awards cermony for old xfactor contestants . she told us where they were and then cuddled into her bed with Loki . it was sad seeing her like this but there was an almost 70% chance something bad would happen to jack out there. so we left her too it. Zayn went into her and Lou's bunk section and gave her a massive hug and told her when we came back tonight from the interview she was invited to the ceremony as my girlfriend ! our first public experiance together. but she didnt want to go at this time but Lou promised they were going shopping today flying out to london from manchester air port today and meeting us at the ritz so after dressing us and sorting out the outfits for tonight she gave us all big hugs but she grabbed my jumper and tiptoed kissing me passonatly on the lips, Harry took a photo and uploaded it to instagram in almost five minuets 44,376 people liked the photo and so many commented ' go Vickill or go Niack or even Viall' it was so cute it made Vicky smile the girls and lux got of the tour bus and were drove to the airport whilst their Vicky texted me :

Water you doing ?

me - don't be such a beach x

vicky -shell i stop then ?x

me - be more pacific with that question x

Vicky -on the plane i won't sand anymore messages x

,me - what did one volcano say to the other ?x

me- I LAVA YOU <3 enjoy Vicky cant wait to see you the media have got the phot off instagram and many texts coming through of ed and greg james grimmy ect congratulating us be safe princess i lava you <3


about two hours late she text me back : ilavayoutoo , missing you , yes me too a lot of my old friends are texting me to congratulate us too. my twitter is mental and #niallandvickymuchlove is trending, now could you send me a photo of yours and harrys outfit so me and lux can find and element to match our outfits to please lava you <3

i sent the photo she thanked me and sent one of her lou and lux in i think it was chanel shop in london ? not to sure on that one ,



we met up with the girls at the entrance to the ritz , 

Vicky was in a simple and chic in classic shapes and elegant cut black floor length dress with about a 2 foot long  black trail and long black sleaves , her shoes were black platform heels with no strap. her hair was fish tail plated down her right hand side nd her make up simple her eyes where home to a marilyn monroe style eye make up where as her lips were a soft peach colour, wheres Lou was modeling a nice blue and green cotton dress that cuped her chest with a slit on the clevage the dress also touched the flor her hair was slightly wavy her eye make up was audry hepburn stlye her lips where also a peachy colour. 

they both looked beautiful , Vicky walked up to me and kissed me so slightly before wisphering in my ear 'cant ruin the make up yet can we' we walked up to the red carpet and had photo's taken together many of Lou Lux and Vicky alone together i would say nearly the same amont as singular one direction ones , we all signed things took photo's with fans until we were allowed inside. we took our drinks and sat at the allocated table , we won the award we were nominated for : most famous contestants. we had so many photos taken and uncle simon wanted to meet us and the team he said the girls looked stunning and held Lux on his knee we had a massive group photo before , at 12pm, we were allowed to go to bed . Paul guided us to our rooms : 

Me and Vicky

Harry and Lou , oh and Lux

Zayn and liam

Louis and El ( as she was staying in london this night )

Vicky asked me to unzip her dress and help her out of it but before she took of her shoes and put them in the wardrobe grabbed a white dressing gown as i helpped her out of the dress it revealed a 

Floozie by Frost French Black spotted microfibre bra and briefs    her skin olivy her hair so blonde  




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