It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


39. The Morning

Vicky's Pov

its half seven in the morning

 Niall had texted me : ' see you soon babes , can you bring my hoodie please its in my bed thank you '

zayn had also texted me 'can you pick me up some baccy please , love z'

and Jack had texted me ' hey Vicky congratulations on your new job (Liam texted me) it's brilliant save everything i love you lots <3'

i got in the shower quickly , dried my hair but i tied it up in a messy bun , i pulled on my pale cream jumper pale pink skinny jeans and a cream pair of all stars my light pink scarf and a brown satual like bag i threw my phone and keys in there it was only 8am so i did have enough time to pop to the shops for zayn i got in the car pulled up to the shop grabbed some baccy and then left i pulled back into the car at 8.45am no one was here yet so i went inside stole some of his baccy and quiickly smoked i knew Niall would hate me if he found out but it was an old habit the doctor said i am doing well and at this rate i will have quit withing a few weeks i heard the door bell go ,so i grabbed Nialls hoodie stumped out my Fag and ran through the house locking all the doors ,as i got to the door i sprayed my self with impulse and opened the door it was NIALL he jumped at me i hugged him until the driver called him back to the car and helped me into the car i asked him what would be going on whilst i was working with One Direction . 

'well as our stylist you will be making us wear clothes '


'you wont be at home for at least three weeks after tonight, you will be living on the tour bus in the same dorm thingy as Lou and Lux'

'Niall i didn't know my clothes are at home in my closet and i wouldn't know what to bring '

'Hey it's fine me and you are staying at yours tonight so i can help you'

'YAY brilliant Thank you Niall'

as i sloth hugged him he took a photo and uploaded it to twitter the caption :'welcome to the team @Vicks18. '

that one photot got over 100 retweets 1000 favorites and replies in under a minuet it was amazing.

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