It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


25. The camp Fire

Niall's Pov

we had pulled it off :) i do love my guys or wing men and i feel Jack is becoming like a brother after today.

anyway as i flung my arm over Vicky's shoulder she didn't squirm she just relaxed into my side and pulled her legs up to her chest , she was laughing and smiling throughout the evening and then she wisphered into my ear 'come with me niall i have a great idea ' she kissed my ear and told the boys 'Niall is coming to get ice cream with me wont be a min' she stood up and grabed her cup of what i think was Vodka and orange but swapped it with Jack for his Guiness , oh a girl after my irish drinking heart, 

she pulled me up and ran straight into the house she dragged me up to her room quickly baring in ming harry lou and lux's stuff was in there she opened her wardrobe and graed a box fillied with water balloons she gave the cheeckiest grin at me and then ran to the batroom told me to grab the bath taps and begin filling them up whilst she filled up from the sink , i smiled i knew exactly what she was thinking. but then she exclaimed what about lu_ she stopped because she heard someone come up the stairs she wisphered get in the bath and stepped out the door and said 'oh hi harry , oh is Lux gong to bed ? ooh bless okay i will just help Niall and then i we will leave *kissluxoncheck*' 'alright thank you'

she flow back into the bathroom where i was still filling water balloons and began to pile them into thebin bags , she grabbed two bin bags whilst i grabed one and leapt down the stairs we waited in the garage until harry had gone out side then we charged and began to fling the balloons at the guys they all laughed and joined in after about half an hour we all just collapsed under the stairs with are drinks. soon after lou went to bed but all of the other guys just lept towards the trampoline where we curled down and began to sleep . under the stairs Vicky just crawled up next to me and moved my arm so she could rest her head on my chest she pulled up the king size duvet over us alll and she soon began to sleep .

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