It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


23. Shopping Trip

Vicky's Pov

after ten minuets i set off to the shops , it was the longest list i had seen for a long time .

Fresh, frozen & chilled

Chicken breast pieces  
White fish fillets 
Chicken wings/thighs/legs 
625g cheddar cheese 
2 x 1% fat/semi skimmed milk 4pts 
8 Pork sausages
Sunflower spread
2 x 6 pack fromage frais
Vanilla ice cream
Frozen mixed veg

Dried goods

1 kg rice
Pizza base mix 
Porridge oats 
Variety pack biscuits 
12 pack crisps

Tins, cartons & bottles

500g dried pasta 
Tin of sweetcorn 
Creamed tomatoes/passata 
Tomato puree 
Tin of red kidney beans
Tin of green lentils
2 x tins of baked beans
Tin of haricot beans
2 x tins chopped tomatoes 
2 x bottles high juice squash
4 x 1 litre cartons pure fruit juice 
1 tin tuna


3  large baguettes
2 x 8 pack crumpets 
3 x sliced wholemeal/white loaves
2 x 6 pack pitta bread
12 pack scones 

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Bag of of mixed peppers 
Bag of onions
Bag potatoes
2 leeks 
Bag of carrots 
Bag of apples
Basics bananas 
Basics pears 
2 x lemon

i really hadn't a clue what they wanted this lot for but suddenly my phone buzzed , it was the 'drinks' list





12 xOrange Juice (smooth)

1 x orange squash

Black curent 

pineapple juice

cocnut milk 

coffe (expresso / intenso) 

bottled water

3x regular coke 

3x lemonade


when i finally got to the check out the bill came out at :£188

i was so shocked but i payed on anyway out of Niall's money , he was so kind bless him i hadnt brought a thing for myself my phone buzzed it was niall again ,oh and can you get zayn 25mg of Amber leaf please xxx

brillio it costs £9 ! 

but i was finally on my way home 


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