It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


44. Road Trip

Vicky's Pov

after the interview fans croweded the streets and we all had to sign posters books and other One Direction merchandise yes me the everyday in a secret relationship with Niall had to sign or autograph bits and bobs on the tour bus we got changed i waterfall braided my hair and pulled on my black skinny jeans and my coca a cola tank top and my grey white addidas high tops once lou had changed we opened the split curtain as the boys didnt really need to get changed , i sat on Niall gavve him a quick kiss and we had a quick descussion on what was the plans for the next few days.

Tommrrow i had to meet Jack so i had allready prepared the boys clothes and they were folded in their storage cupboards, i showed them what they were wearing we pulled into the stop for the night but we didn't sleep till late 

Zayn snapchatted perrie 

Liam snapchatted Danielle and i think its Elle ( he has been mentioning her a lot lately?)

Harry and Lou snuggled on the sofas just like me and Niall

Louis was playing with Lux

all till late when we fell asleep on the sofas all snuggled together 


i was up at 5.30 am i kissed niall good bye and ran to the black car in the car park unlocked it and began to drive towards Wales it was a nice journey i pulled up to the massive gates and showed my pass the spare gaured got in my car and took me too see Jack it was almost 10am by now we were going out for lunch then to watch a movie before the tour bus would reach here for their interview in which i would leave my car here and give jack the keys to a flat which uncle simon sorted out for Jack and having a final good bye from Jack. all the boys were coming to say good bye  and take me back to work .

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