It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


55. Oh Louis

Vicky's pov 

i pulled up to the police station ... i was taken to the front desk 

''hello im here to bail out mr Louis Tomlinson'' 

''yes you must be Vicky , basically it is a criminal offence but even in prison he would get unwanted attention so by signing his realese formshe must be in yours or your partners sight at all times , this means he must (even on tour ) be in your house / hotel room for  3months'' 

'' i see , okay i will sign these forms'' 

''brilliant thank - you , JAMES MR TOMLINSON CELL 36 PLEASE''

i filled out the forms and waited for Louis ... oh wow when he approched me the gaurd un handcuffed him and to my suprise louis had his shirt ripped oh isnt he lucky i prepeared for this grabbing niall's hoodie when i left i chucked it at him smiled handed in the forms and supported the hungover louis to the car... 

''Vicky i'm sorry .''

''louis it's fine i didnt half laugh at you when i found out ''

''i now i'm a tit ''

'' come here give me a hug lets get you home ''

''home yes mine nialls and now your appartment too ''

'' noooo i forgot to be bailed out i have to stay with you for 3 months''

'' oh am i that bad then ?''

'' no but it will only make it akward for you and Nialler''

'' dont worry about us you'll hear us but wont see us , oh and im not allowed to give you my appartment key if me or niall go anywhere you have to come and your in our hotel room oh and on stage i have to stand there and watch and in the airport i have to be able to see you ''

'' fun , now lets go home please i smell and my hair and my clothes , ''

'' okay sassy come on''

when we pulled up harry was waiting he was teary and said to obliged by the law i told him to sit in my car and i will be down within a minuet i just have to give Niall this documentation of louis bail out ...

i ran to the esculator ran and jumped on niall kissed him and then gave him the documents , so i take it lou and lux are playing happy familys again harry has been dumped louis has been bailed out liam can't make up his mind and as for zayn well he is with molly ... as for us baby i love you but i better go and see to harry.

i love you too baby go on i'll get lunch ready and watch louis ... he's in the circle bath he feels to ill to stand .

i kissed my prince and fled back down to Harry, i gave him a big cuddle and drove him round the block whilst he told me everything .. bless him... i know it was going to be hhard being the single one out of the boys but harry isn't a womanizer and harry isnt one to sleep around so yeah he'll have the odd relationship but he will too find his cupcake. i told him this he chuckled and i jumped on his back and he carried me up to my new appartment and we sat round the table eating pizza oh how niall knows the way to my heart

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