It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


48. niall found his princess ... and liam is up on it

Zayn's pov Everytime louis and vicky would win. After about three games they were the ultimate champions laughing and cheering together. Now we all know they have rebel sides bit we didnt know how far they would go Niall kissed vicky goodnight and went to his and her bedroom and vicky winked at louis and he went grabbed two towels and they undressed and ran down to the swimming pool i hadbt a clue what they were doing until liam and elle (both with lipstick on their faces their hair in a mess and there clothes not as neat as before ) came into nialls room and exclaimed that whilst in the middle of a rather intense few minuets together vicky and louis both wet both only covered by a towel ran into their room exclaiming that paul was chasing them as hotel staff complained about their skinny dipping in the pool Niall woke up and went to get vicky and louis both slightly drunk.curtousy of then finding the hotels drink closet and both soaked i took louis to his room and locked him in and as i walked pasr harrys room i heard someone (lou) mumble a groan and harry wisphere something about finding there item hehehe and then when i went past liams room i was so shocked to find fdaddy direction being arroused by that one particular movement ... i knocked back on niall and offered to swap rooms as ya know lux was in there and urm well vickywas ontop of him (stilled clothed) but grinding like a grinder at a grind stone .. and niall wrapped his arms around her carried her to my room and closed the door ... Behind the sence all that i heard was vicky groan and moan and niall chuckle and a long continuse groan from his orish accent . Lix woke up so i picked her up put on finding nemo and cuddked her in nialls old bed until she slept ... I was just drifting of when footsteps came into the room there was vicky in just her underwear creeping up to the bed and wisphering " babe are you awake " ...... "uhuh" "brilliant can i borow a urm comdom as niall kinda left his on the tour bus its his first time and he doesntwant to be a daddy after one go " "wait what niall is wanting to have sex . Hes found her your nialls princess e has been waiting for ... Of course there in urmmm my black wash bag" "thank you" as she kissed me on the check she slightly moved towards the mouth damn she was hot so it kinda happened that i tounged her but she swore never to and ran across the hall to her prince who was aaaiting her ....
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