It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


35. Niall and Vicky its time

Vicky's Pov

i woke up to niall running his fingers through my hair , i smiled at him but pulled the covers around my body and just cushioned into him he smelled like a warmed uo bottle of armani is burred my head into his chest i didn't want to wake up to a house full of guys and no Jack oh how i missed him 3 weeks to go until i see him , but it was Niall's last day here , so i got up kissed him on the check and cried i was going to be in thhe biggest house on my own forever well thats what it began to feel like Niall kissed me and then quickly went 'BOYS NOW' the boys shot into the room faster than a bullet they saw what awas the matter amediatly and they just got in bed with me and hugged me i sniffled and told them that i was alone in the big house and i hated it , of course i realized that they were bloomin celebrities and paps and themselves where everywhere of course their world tour had just finnished but they had a few interviews and other celebrity bussiness to deal with so i figured i would be alone my boyfriend of a day would pack up and leave and in three weeks i would say good bye to my only brother for possibly the last time  , my parents weren't home and to better all of that i was unemployed i might aswell give up now . i snugged into Nialls chest and wisphered dont leave me until the last minuet all the other boys cuddled around me and they promised no to leave i fell again to sleep .......


Liam's Pov

'boys its not fair on her , she shouldn't be alone'

'i agree' said Harry

'Me two' said Zayn 

'Me three this girl is like a best friend to me' said Louis

'She's my girlfriend boys i can't leave her like this' said Niall

as shocked as we werent we all congratulated Niall and then Lux piped up 

'Lux loves Sicky me Loves her' she said before crawling into Vicky and Niall's hug 

'i love this girl she's like a sister' said Lou 

'we cna't leave her in this big house alone' said Harry

'the interview tour lasts nearly three weeks boys' said Liam

'Boy's , Lou can i come in ?' questioned Paul

'Of course come on in ' said Niall

'okay , thank you , well your clothes stylist has left us Trish has left one direction to style the Wanted ' said paul

'STOP , i have the greatest plan ever. ' Louis said cutting Paul off

'lets here it' they cheered in union 

'Well , Vicky has a  a design and textiles qualification along with a beauty therapist qualification of the highest level , and the money to start open a business or buy a flat , why don't we One Direction hire her as our stylist ?'

'OHHHHHHHH Yes it would work ' siad everybody but paul who was already up on the phone to management 


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