It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


54. moving her in

Lou's pov Today was finally the day me and vicky got to enter her new appartment the boys were interviewing all day and the boxes of thing we packed just over a week ago had arrived so at 7.30 the keys were handed over and me and my bedt friend not forgetting her new god daughter Lux walked into the biggest most glamourous pent house london appaertment ever. The view from each room was wonderfull . Of course no new furniture was needed so we had picked up cutlery crokkery and glasses and mugs to fill the kitchen cupboards a new red coffee machine was on its way . We unpacked vickys and nialls clothing into the walk un wardrobe then we began to google accessories for the house in the end we spent around two thousand pounds on bed sheets and bedding new curtains for the french doors and most importantly food and drinks to fill the cupboards she ordered a dish washer and a few tolietrys such as shampoo a n new glittery toliet seat for every bathe room encluding her ensuit. A few wall hangers for nialls gutiar to go into the room we didnt know about that was ment to be an office but we spent 5000 converting it into a recording studio with decks microphones all the usual styff and then a few girly touches such as bean bags and sofas and fairy lights .because she put ebery order under nialls name everything was delievered and fitted within that day. Their new appartment was beautiful and vicky said i could stay here till i decided where i wanted to live with lux so she walked into london and asksd for a cream cot and every accesorry to be delivered to her appartment along with a few toys ... When she got back i had just got off the phone with lux's dad the love of my life he said he wanted to meet and the aafest place was here when the boys where back for the new celebration house so vicky agreed finally we sat down with the bottle of tecilla and the salt and lemons put the tv on music channel and sat on the soda with our many portfolios and the tour guide both mac book airs and pencils pens glue card sicors and empty portfolios we had to plan what the boys would wear and how their hair would look for spajn in a month . We had drunk half a bottle of techilla andthen a glass of martini before finniashing our work and settling down on the sofa whilst watching norbit the movie. Lux was in her newly assembled cot fast asleep and the boys came home and sat on the sofa before touring the appartment and finding the bottles we had drunk louis pulled out the beer crate and harry joined him but liam exclaimed that the father of my child (no names to be mentioned) was due here in an hour and i was drunk .... Oh crap what was i gonna do i got harry to ring him and say i had been sick and couldnt meet so stay in the hotel and meet me in the morning of course harry was slightly disapointed i was getting back with him or so he thought but he didnt say anything so we just continued to drink o the sofa before vicky began to moan she was hungry and her and niall walked down to the local nados and placed their extremly large order and cominf home and eating it . they sat o the sofa and niall sais everyone could sleep round but they would have to have somebody on the air bed in the spare room louos hand shot up and he blew the air bed up and liam and zayn got in the double louis on the floor harry and lou in the other double and of course the love birds in their nest . I woke up to realise i had some form of meeting going on in less than an hour i woke everybody up but zayn as he wouldnt budge then we realised that louis wasnt anywhere to be seen we rung himnoanswef we sent paul out looking we looked for a note nothing ... Then vicky ran into the kitchen and screamed louis is in a cell he attempt to break into macdonalds last night and was arrested . I have to go down the station to collect him ... Im sorry lou ... Good luck love ya . Whilst we were in shock we realised vicky had left we did chuckle a bit at our louis attenpting to break into macdonalds luckly no photos or news stories have been punlished about it so he was safe ..... Thats when HE turned up . After a heated disscusion i decide i couldnt leave my baby or my childs father i did love him and he aas a good man i was the bad onr having an affair with Harry so i was moving back home in two weeks to spend two weks off befor flying out to france for work. Life is back on track for everyone even harry.
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