It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


52. moving her in and maybe a suprise

Vickys pov I woke up remembring that my parents have decided to stay in new zeland for good so i rung the estate agents to put the house and all the furniture up for sale jacks best friend was going round to meet him for us where as today we were touring to manchester .... Me and Lou went through our portfolios together matching hair and clothing with ahoes underwear ect we spent four hours on the clothing bus whilst the boys were on the actual bus sleeping or relaxing ... Finally we had got their outfits ready . All in black jeans their normal shoes ya know louis toms nialls nikes ..... Ect. Louis was teaching me how to do their hair for when she has to take lux home for two weeks it was so funny . We cracked open the jack daniels and coke by the time we were ready to let the boys in we were slightly piddled . Opps . The boys didnt half laugh when i went to straighten louis top and i hugged niall and kissed him he chuckled and said you've been drinking jack daniels havent you babe ? I ignored this statement and passed around the haribos my boys pre show ritual . They munched on them at the side of the stage and past the half empty and one empty packets to me a kissed them all goodluck and went to join lou and the sleeping lux in the dressing room we both pulled out our laptops and began to search for mine and nialls new appartment after about an hour lou basically chucked her mac book at me it held images of the most beautiful pent house appartment in the centre of london.... A large circle spa bath covered with oak panneling Dark cream wall tiles Black oil looking tiles (like when oil is mixed with water) Two sinks below a long oak self which rested upon the large mirror The walk in shower had a rainbow lighting system and the shower itself was like a waterfall The kitchen was large small rectangular red tiles lined the black work tops White cabinates with a sensative touch pannel where neatly linned both under and above the work tops A large white table with twelve black leather chairs was in the centre of the room And the small wicker sofa was in the conner A modern fire imbeded in the black textured wall above hung a fify six inch smart tv A playstation was postioned in the wall next too the tv A small oak coffee table sat on a cream and black rose mat and the hard oak floor was home to the nine seater corner sofa in grey which was linned with black and white print cusions the wall behimd the sofa had a large marilyn monroe pop art canvas hung on it the celing lights on a dimer swotch had bulps which changed colour The first bedroom was a large double it had a built in wardrobe on the doors where chalk boards the dressing table held a mirror and a vase plant and the window looked out across the thames the bed itself was simple with a dark red head board and a long red blanket linner The second bedroom was almost identicle just with a dark purple head board and instead of a light red patterned wall paper behind the bed this one was light purple The finale bedroom was the master one and oh wow the bathroom we first looked at was the ensuit to this room . The room was huge a queen sized bed with a black head board was placed before the teal wallpapered wall either side of the bed had two square wooden units with vespa scooters on the draws cube things there was a new york touch lamp on each bed side table and on one side of the room was a walk in wardrobe with shoe holders everthing from draws to dressing tables .. And on the other side was the french doors opening out on an all glass balcony it was perfect just what we needed no decoration needed and for a fair buy it now price i had enough in my savings to deposit and pay a quater of it but i needed niall to pay the majourity towards it me and lux rang the number left an urgent message and saved the link before she ran to the side of the stage to re do their hair during the 20 minuet break . At about 11pm the concert closed or thats what the girl friends where told as we went to get the boysvall the lights where out (normal for the end of a concert) we couldnt here anyone we stood on the stage when niall and harry came behind us and passonatly kissed us thats wheb the lights were turned back on and zayn and molly where also passonatly kissing infront of the whole camera flashin audience ...... Thats when we saw the twitter page #ask1Dontour ... Awwwww so sweet as the boys wished goodbye we went to fix our selves up and get lux from sally the women running tonights venu . When the boys arrived back to the bus it was around 12 so they litterally ate kissed us goodnight and whent to their bunks to sleep luckly they had the last concert in the south of manchester tommorrow starting at 8pm so they had all day . At around 1 me and lou crawled into our bunks and curled up for the night .. It was 10am when a wet naked niall crawled into my bed he smelt so fresh i had to have him but eveyone would hear just like when we heared liam and elle last night ... So because the buss stopped me and niall snuck into the clothes bus and sorta just did it on the sofa so passonatley it felt amazing his slight facial hair tickled my face when he kissed me after about ten minuets the bus drivers door shut crap the engine started niall got himself clear and tucked our naked bodies under the quilt he instagramed and twitted a photo of us to saying we just woke up in the wrong bus :L straight away harry replied yeah woke up .... ;-) x haha but we were naked and the new bus drivert hadnt noticed us so i pushed niall under my hoodoe pile wrapped the sheet around me and took some of nialls boxers and his favourtie lepricorn tshort and his jeans and my bra knickers and dressed then hung the sheet in the far corner of the bus and we both changed behind that suddenly nialls phone rang it was lou we had got an appointment to veiw the apparent next week but niall hadnt a clue about it so i showed it to him on google and he rang the number and said i am talking on behalf of mrs horan ahh bloody hell i meant on behalf of vicky she rang you yesterday yes we would like to biy the appartment now please ues my name is mr horan blah blah blah we can seal this deal tommorrow be at fred and franks hotel tommorrow noon on east brighton thank yoi . Babes we have a flat together come here you little princess niall picked me up carroed me to the small bathroom quicky lifted up my dress and undid his zipper bam his protected pebis was insode me ..... His moves where fast and sharp but effective all the same i couldnt hold it in moaned he moaned we moaned and then the wave crashed us apart as the bus stopped we got off and greeted the others at the service station i told everyone the good news and that me and lou would go to my old house and sort through tonight we were leaving at nine the boys outfits for the nexf day would be planned and their hair would have to be done by themselves not to difficult lux was staying at pauls sisters house for the day tommorrow and we would return by nidnight tommorrow by then we would sleep and power through the day ahead . Ahhh excited for moving in well out with niall . :-) <3
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