It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


19. Meeting Granny Shelly

Shelly’s pov

Finally Vicky was here !

‘hello Granny Shelly’ said Vicky as she kissed my check

‘hello love’ are you stopping for tea?’

‘of course , Granny Shelly , this is Niall and his friends daughter Lux’ said Vicky pointing to a handsome young man and the cutest little girl i had seen since my own little Vicky.

‘Good Afternoon, i am Niall it’s a pleasure to meet you’ said niall in his husky irish accient before shaking my hand

‘afternoon love , very nice to meet you , and you Lux’

I made coffee for both niall and Vicky and then Vicky went to grab the camp bed and put it in her car .

‘so niall what do you do for a living?’

‘well i am one fiths of the worlds biggest boy band one direction and we have just finished our world tour so i have one month free before interviews ,’

‘well thats amazing ! wow’

‘Granny come and help me please’

So i lept up and went to help Vicky with the camp bed. As we walked back into the main living area Vicky stopped me in my tracks and just pointed to niall , he was there bench pressing with lux each time kissing her on the nose making her laugh.

Vicky Niall and Lux left soon afterwards but promised to visit soon and thanked me for the camp bed.

Vicky’s Pov

‘niall i’m sorry my granny kept us there so long she loves babies’

‘hey no its fine shes a brilliant women very helpful and polite can we just go through a drive through i am so hungry’

‘of course , put this on ’ i said as i pulled my hoodie off well jack’s old army hoodie.

‘thank you i better just text the boys to see if they are hungry heres my wallet pull out £60 and get what ever you want.’

‘of course’

‘heres the list , try not to drop my phone out of the window’

‘haha okay,'



Thanks for reading guys :P , I do appologise about any spelling mistakes , i shall update in possibly tomorrow :) x 

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