It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


51. me and my princess

Nialls pov As vicky walked down the stairs she looked so elegant my own little princess she ran to me and highed me suddenly thousands of flashes came through the windows ... Now vicky was a little terror and she grabbed my hand and ran for the door she swung the door open and grabbed the mega phone off paul and talked through it basically saying at midnight we would do a twittercam on one condition that the fans left us alone on our date she still had no idea where we were going but louis dressed her appropriatly ... In the car she questioned me but i didnt let anything go ... After about an hour v the car stopped outside a sta hotel ... Still nothing anyway we were escorted into the red carpet room where my family waited to meet her she clapsed at my hand tighter before kissing my mum on the check and greeting Greg my sister in law and wisphering to her bump ahhh and then she sat down next to me and i ordered tea and cakes and we sat around in the grand room for 4 hours vicky was slightly sleepy and so was mum and greg where as well the bump women hehe our new nicknamehad already gone to bed so we left and said our goodbyes bt we pinched a bottle of champyne and snuck into the cab as we arrived at the hotel no fans at all and we were slightly on the tipsy sideso we ran upto our room grabed my laptop and sat on the balcony loggingnon to twitter vicky ordered yet more food nless and then came and sat on my lap and waved into the twitter cam we answered nearly 2OO questions before we left for bed hshe unzipped her dress and hung it up her shoes were slotted into her shoes kn the place where they suited and pulled on my nike top :-P she crawled up to me and kissed e before fallimg tosleep in my arms ... My angle was awoke to a phone call ... She answered it and then smiled laughed and cheered in happiness she said good bye and crawled into bed and said we have a house to sell and a new appartment to find babes . Before falling back asleep
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