It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...



Vickys pov Well we guessed the plan had worked as neither of then have been out the room for the past 2 hours liam and elle had gone out for the day to seesome sights and get to know each other more . Harry nisll lou abd lux were still out so it was me and my guy bestfriend Louis left so i bounded into his room and switchted fifa on games on he brought through two cups of tea and a large cake we snuggled in bed with tea cake and fifa my phone buzzed with a notification louis had taken a photo of me and posted it on twitter .... The favourties were rolling in ... Along with the retweets .... And commentsniall comented my princess stuffing her face aww !xxx so many notifications i webt to pee and as i came back louis wasnt in any room ... I didnt bother with zayns room to much gigling for my liking ... So i looked at the time 6 oclock i had to get ready i didnt know what to wear ahhh where is louos when you need him .. BOO Louis you scared me . Where have you been ? To get you somethings ... Come on you ... I walked with louis and there in my room was the most beautiful black dress . It was slightly covered in sparkles and a few inches above the knee . And the shoes with the red soles omg ... Christian laboutions in my size where black and strappy ot was a beautiful outfit louis changed me into it tights and all he slipped my shoes on and then clicked my necklace together . My wrist he slipped a pandora charm braclet that spelt NIACKY <3 and then he pulled my hair up and plaited it to one side and curled the lose bit before throwing my clutch and phone at me and telling me to leave my room and meet my prince .
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