It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


31. louicky no its more like bff's

louis Pov 

as i crawled , yes crawled up the stairs i wondered how to prank her but then i thought how close we had grown she was a very close friend of mine so i decided not to prank her, as i opened mine and nialls bedroom door she was all wrapped up in her clothes and her bedding i decided i would try not to wake her ... 

that didn't really work as i crawled over to my bed to get my seepy sweats i tripped over my shoes and woke her up she looked slaughtered her maked up was down her face lipstick on her teeth and her hair was tied up in a missive doughnut like bun i quickle changed and then suggested she changed she just looked at me and horsely wisphered

'Louis your like my best friend nothing more because of this i trust you please change me ? my pj's oh crao my pj's are in my room with harry'

'don't worry you can where some of my sweats and a tank top it you'd like now sit up i will get you changed , my little best friend'

she sat up and i changed her i folded her clothes and put them at the end of her bed i tucked her back in a slipped into my bed. 

about three hours later she was awake butt slightly crying i got up and huged her she pulled open her covers and let me sleep next to her, i hugged her tight and we fell back to sleep at 10am i woke up she was still asleep but suddenly she shot up and fled from my room i ran after her in to the bathroom , she was being sick , i grabbed her hair which had fallen out throughout the night and patted her back once finnishe i sat her on the toliet and washed her face i then gave her a big hug and wisphered 

' a little to much screws last night then ?'

*she just nodded* 

i carried her down the stairs and then brought down Niall's dovet i put on her favorite dvd dirt dancing aand got her a glass of water and some paracetamol she smiled we were the only ones up so i cooked breakfast it consisted of toast and eggs until i ran into the annex got niall up and made him sit with Vicky then i got evryone else up because jack was leaving in 2 hours, so as they woke up they all went to hide under the duvet with Vicky and Niall , i grabbed the toast and the snuggled with them. Jack was holding Vicky who had gained colour but as i stood up i realized vicky has a pen then i remebered i felt her on my face last night i looked in the mirror there was the biggest pen drawn comment of 'not so sexy' on my face and niall had the photo and so did the whole of twitter by the time i had noticed , anyway it was washed off and paul had come home with lou and lux and they had taken down the gazebo and all the lights cleared up the mess and came and sat with us as we all decided to go for showers then harry would make a nice lunch for Jack and Vicky and we would sit in our rooms whilst they ate their last lunch before he left together . 

we well us boys left them to eat Harry's tacco's . we could see their tears already.

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