It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


18. Lou and Harry

Lou’s Pov

This is perfect i am so totally attracted to harry and how good he is towards Lux i know that my childs father who i honestly love deeply and would change for the world will come round but right now its me and harry and the word FUN pops to mind. We are in the same room and im sure niall will have lux for a night maybe but i saw the smirk on harrys face when i asked Vicky if we could be together i witnessed that cheeky grin he once gave to a certain miss swift.


Any way Vicky showed us to our room and niall and her took Lux to meet her Gran so as everyone else was chilling in their rooms after a long day i approached harry his little dimply grin as he laid o our bed.i jumped on the bed and just snuggles in to his tattoo inked chest. His unique smell drifted up my nose as he thumbled his long fingers through my bleached hair.


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