It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


53. liam and elle

Elles pov I woke up in my mums flat like normal but today felt different today it was make or break with my office job but i also got to meet Liam in New Brighton a few miles from my home in runcorn chesire it was a hot day kind of so like normal i pulled on my pencil skirt my black blazer a cream vest top amd a white transparent bird shirt . My black flats were slipped on and i left for work at lunch i rang liam to confirm the times and then i went back to eating before finnishin the three hours of photocopying franking emailing packet design and meeting planning . Finally it was four oclock i hoped in to daves car and he dropped me off at home ... I was worried for tommorrows meeting with the boss but i forhot all about that so i pulled on skin coloured tights denim bum higj waisted ashorts a whit tshirt which i tucked in had adventure with me printed on the chest a long brown cardigan and a navy snood scarf and my orange low cut converse i was ready to meet liam i walked down to the peir and there he was i ran up behind him and jumped on his back but he had a tear in his eye so i got down wiped the tears away and kissed him before cupping his face and asking what was wrong . It soon became clear that he didnt know if he still had feelings for danielle or noot so i said well lets take this adventure together if you still have feelings for danielle i wont be broken if you chose jet but please be a gentalman about it and tell me first . I thought my life was ending but maybe i too had feelings for someone else we would just see how it went with lian before persuing another relationship as i was not one to cheat. But i now felt i had to please liam but i didnt think sex was yhe answer when liam ha so instead at around 5 i took his hand a ran a jumped iff the peir and into the sea we splashed and giggled until i just had to so i began to swim to the shore he chased me whilst swimming he giggled when i splashed him we walked back to the peir to get our shoes and then i walked him to my beach house we went in and i quickly mae xoco and turned the heating on . There was a small tiny double bed above this area so i clambered the stairs and slid under the warm covers liam followed and soon we were yet again having sex i always thought he was sensible but like many boys he too enjoyed sex so instead of backing off we continued ... By the time we finnished it was time to leave after all liam had a concert tonight so i locked up and walked home ... All i could think about was does liam actually love me or is he using me to please himself and get danielle jealous wouldqi ever know . After about a week it soon became clear he didnt inteand to use me but it happens he was sorry bit it did hurt me slightly . I was not a slut nor a slag sex wasnt everything but when i walked into work this morning and straight back to the boss or my ex i realised i still loved him after all we had been dating for 4 years and we only split over a stupid argument so when he asked me to lunch i couldnt say no . Finally my life was back on track and the best bit i am good friends woth liam payne :-)
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