It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


43. kick off time

Pauls pov The team where working like clock work this morning. It was the most important interbiew to be kicked off this month . It was the network primer interview for the boys film. Of course they had to look smart but also themselves no drastic changes to their normal outfits because the fans would be less than impresed the double act (lou and vicky) where hard at work styling up the boys nearly twon jours later they emeraged . Niall was wearing his normal jeans and white nikes with a nice black tshirt with an irish clovern on his black blazer was neatly placed on his sjoulders with his sleves rollednup . Zayn wore a guns and roes tshirt black jeans his normal shoes and a smart black jacket Liam was just well the old liam a nice shirt and chinos Louis was in dark navy jeans with a plan white tshirt on and white toms Harry was in a green blazer black jeans his nrown boots and a hat Then the girls came out (featured also in the movie interview) Lou was in a butterfly print half and half length dress doc martins and a pink blazer Vicky modeld a light blue crop top and a orange high waisted half and half length skirt with her owhite addias high tops and a cream blazer . Her wristst complere with her pandora braclet Lux was in a snow white costume . Everyone to be featured piled there suitcases and other bags into the tour bus it was kick off time we pulled out of the lot for theast time this year and began our road trip concert destination blah blah blah .... new romances in the air and romances to be built upon a strange romance and a slightly dodgye romance fillied the air. Partys and pranks andnoff course the odd police encounter blessd our tril to no end
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