It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


30. Jack's leaving party

Jack's Pov

me and vicky had had a lovely day out she took me to an aquarium , once home she literally chased me up the stairs and slamed the door she told me casual smart go go go  ! 

after about ten minuets one direction came into my room picked me up and carried me down the stairs , the drew the curtains and thats when i saw it ... a bigish white canvas gazebo and all light up with tiny fairy lights they led me inside and partys hard for an hour , but because they had invited my friends they had to go and sit in their rooms for the next four hours , it was fine i gave them each a crate of whatever they fancied , i then partied really hard for the next four hours it was 11pm and thats when they re entered the room but this time niall and Vicky where getting huggy and cosy in each other well vicky was cosy under her arm zayn got on the decks they where hidden under disguises , for example Louis was in blue jeans a check shirt but vicky and lou had done his hair curley but lose curls so it looked natural sparyed them black with a few blonde ones then his eyes where under disguise he had dark hazel contacts and he had fake teeth they weren't as straight nor as white as his usual ones, he looked like totaly different as for zayn his hair had be coloured a dark blue harrys hair was a wig but it was straight and brownn his contatcs blue , liam hair didnt change but everything else about him did , nialls hair was died a pastel purple he had been tanned and his eyes had changed into a light hazel colour and his teeth where covered with untidy teeth my sister is in a half and half black dress the front touched the middle of her thigh but the back reached below here knee here heels looked so high like mini skyscrapers , but they were also black her french manicured nialls look glossier with her ring finger on the left hand is all gemed up her wrist with her usual material bracelets , her neck was strapped with a long silver chain where the heart fell just below her breast , it was also covered in gems. her hair had been dyed a pastel pink colour it was very nice and smooth it looked so natural well not but you catch my drift it wasnt fake looking half of it was pinned up and the other half was just resting beneath her shoulders.

thats when zayn stepped down from the decks and introduced a pole dancer for the next hour we partied hard before the coach yes a coach came to collect my drunken friends and we decided to go inside but first we had a few more drinks vicky had about four screws (vodka and oranges) niall was on guineas along with liam and harry but me louis and zayn where on whiskey . i hadn't seen lou or lux or paul today but i was ater told that hey had relocated for the party to my granny's house and would return in the morning ,  so niall carried vicky to bed and wrapped her up in his bed and said ' well i will have the annex she needs the bed i'll make sure louis doesn't play any pranks on her' i secertally thought that well knew that louis was a prankstar but so was vicky so it would be more of a competition, but it was sweet of Niall . we all slummed on the sofa and played fifa for nearly 2hours before we all decided it was time for bed i was leaving at 1pm today to work for a few weeks in wales before going to  Afgan for 4 months. 

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