It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


32. Jack's departure

Vicky's Pov

as the tears streamed down my face i tried to talk but words wound't come out i knew why i was scared and upset but it still was causing me pain i said i was driving him to his drop of centre and i would text him whilst he was in england and always write to him  send him food whilst he was in Afgan, i promissed that the night before his depature to Afgan i would be there and i would stay right until the last minuet but thoses tears wouldnt hold back or stop . it was 12.30pm and it was nearly time for the last half an hour we just hugged on the sofa and watched some crappy Tv in the last five minuets the boys came down and gave jack big hugs right at the end Lux ran up to him and kissed him then he stood up grabed his bag and my hand and i drove him to the departure base . 



after the drive we got out the car hugged he kissed my forehead and said ' the boys will look after you little missy no trouble please' he kissed me and left 

i got in the car and sat there numb for 20 minuets in the end i rang Niall ,

'Niall can you come for me please'

'of course where are you me and paul are on our way '

'i am parked in a local service station off the  A562'

' please paul can drive this i cant move i'm upset'

'okay stay there i love you we all love you'


the line wen't dead but within an hour Niall was here , paul got out the va gave my his hood told me to put it on and then began to drive me car home , i slipped in the black 4x4 with niall and he hugged me and drove me home, he carried me to his bed laid me down and just laid next to me with his arms wrapped around me he didn't say anything he just let me cry

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