It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


38. Its the last hour

Zayns Pov

hey perrie doll , i miss you please face time me tonight oh and by the way i like your 'hey how you doing sorry perrie edwards couldn't get to the phone right now' i love you doll. 

i needed a fag , as i walked out the back door vick'y followed and asked to pinched a fag , i agreed but i questioned her it just so happens she started smoking at 16 and this was her in quiting mode she hadn't smoked for three days but the docotor told her to have one finale ciggie  before starting her new job . she smoked it and said  ' don't tell Niall' kissed me on the check and walked back inside . Niall however caught her coming inside ;

'Hey Babe , were you smoking ?'

'Babes no , i was just thanking Zayn again , '

she kissed him on the lips and i stumped out my fag blew out the last bit of smoke and decided if vicky could quit i could quit. 

she looked and winked at me then went back to cooking tea with Niall 

they turn't up the radio and were dancing and cooking at the same time. i over heard Niall saying how beautiful her eyes were he quickly shouted tea's ready boys in his irish accent . we rran towards the table and sat down Niall and vicky served the dinner of macoroni cheese. we had a few glasses of wine and then snuggled on the sofa. 


Niall's Pov , 

it was time to make my move i caught Vicky looking in my eyes and lick her lip and drift her eyes slowly but surely towards my lips. I stood up of the sofa and pulled her towards me she breathed in the warm air right before she  felt my warm lips on hers. My eyes shut butterflies fluttered around in my stomach.i held her in my arms and she didn't pull away she just held her passonate kiss with mine, She wriggled as Liam said 'I'm sorry to interupt , but the tour bus is waiting at the station and paul said its time to leave' she kissed me gentally on the neck pulled away and hugged everyone and said 'i'll see you tommrrow' she kissed me again and help load the van.

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