It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


1. Its early in the Morning

‘Vicky , come here we need to talk with you ’ shouted mum ,

It was only 10 am what could they possibly need me so urgently for. Anyway i got out of bed gripped my hoodie round my cold body and ran down stairs i could see mum was a little teary but dad looked happy which was odd but i listened to what they had to say ,

‘Vicky, this morning i went out and booked your mother and I each a ticket to new Zealand for 3 months we leave Sunday morning’ said dad .

‘oh that’s amazing ! be sure to take ,many beautiful photos , but’ phew i was thinking to myself i managed to stop before i dropped jack in it .

‘but what dear’ whispered dad

‘but ... why is mum crying , i mean its amazing for her to be going i just don’t understand why she looks so upset ,’

Finally i got it out of her, my mum had always want to live in new Zealand , and this was only a trial period if they liked it they were staying but , they wouldn’t be able to take jack out there because of his army job , and that meant somebody had to stay home in case of injuries that could occur and that person had been chosen and it was me .

Which of course i was a little disappointed about but i knew it would mean i would have to get myself in gear

 after all i was 20 living with my parents with no job but a design and textiles qualification along with a beauty therapist qualification of the highest level , and the money to start open a business but i guess i was to scared to so that money now was just sat in a bank. i told my mum my plans and she was delighted , she told me I had 2 months at the most to find a place then in the third month they will be deciding if they are staying if so I am to put the house on sale and if not they will fly home in the last weekend of third month. I agreed and then i heard the door knob turn JACK WAS HOME !!!

‘morning ladies , and the gentlemen in the corner’ jack stated as he sat at the table, ‘they must of told you of their plans then Vicky considering you’re out of bed at this time , ’

‘yes , they have and i have agreed with their terms and i am now going to flat hunt for us two , any way i must shower ’ i said his face was stunned but i could tell he was hiding something from me they all where , but i hadn’t a clue in the slightest what it was. 




Hi guys , so this is my first ever fanfic i hope you enjoy reading it :) x ps thank you for reading :P

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