It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


16. it was going so well

Niall's Pov

After about half an hour we were at the costal sight of Yorkshire and there was the aqauarium jst normal families qued in up in the lines presented by fabric dividers and no body even noticed who i was .

I paid for three tickets and then we proceded with the surrounding rooms , once near to the end there was a small crèche for 0-18month old children so we decided Lux should have a play with meme the mermaid so we sat around the edges of the “pool” and talked about well everything . there wasn’t any akward pauses it was just a fully truthful yet basic heart to heart i learnt that jack was going on tour again and all about his accident and where her parents where off to and what she hads plans for supprisingly one of her plans was a one direction concert on Thursday i couldn’t believe it a fan who was normal around us it was perfect.

Bzz bzz bzz it was my phone

Hey Bud we have a slight problem and we cant think of how to get out of it please help us love Liam


Hi Bud whats the problem

Well first problem fans are crowding the streets of leeds all the way around the hotel and other places and they have punterd tyers on both cars and they have basically got the hotel in lock down no body can leave and the second Lou is asleep in harrys bed with harry !

Okay don’t panic lou is sensible and just all pack your stuff log out of twiter and go into Vickys room pascode is 136abadan we will sort this

Okay Oay thank you x:^)

Vicky thank you so much but what is your plan ?

Niall just get lux now come on dont worry about lunch lets go

When she is in a quick fast we can sort this mode this girl is hot but come on do as your told

‘okay thanks jack i will drop your stuff off at mark in about 1 hour be there ’ i heared Vicky say 

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