It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


49. i found her ....

Nialls pov I found my princess And we lost our virginty together It felt amazing but now vicky is feeling just a tad on the sore side . Anyway me and lux are off out to the toys r us today so she can gey some more yes more baby toys for the tour . As we left there wasnt a crowd but when we arrived there was i held lux as we stood on thr balcony together with a mega phone. The crowd first asked where Vicky was they didnt need to know so i told them she had work to do and as we left something hit my back i turned around and picked it up .... It was a note " i doubt that ugly chicm has got work to do i bet she is just using you for sex and dont play it off as no im a virgin because i garente your not . Your a world famous celebrity try and tell us you havent hired out anyone before go on i dare ya.... " it was hand written but not signed so i pulled out zayna lighter from my pocket took a photo of the noteand then burnt it me and vicky an one directions fans and louis liam zayn harry paul and lou knew the truth and i dont care what one jealois person thinks at all . Vickys pov . I am sore mother of god i dont understand why it hurts because my cherry was poped or maybe because Naill is strong and his little thing isnt that little i will tell you thatnfor nothingnhe had leftso me a note telling me where he had gone so i dropped him a text and thoughnabout what me and zayn had done suddenly a naked zayn ran into my room and jumped into the shower room after about five minuets he shouted me to bring him the towels andnas i did he wrapped on round his V line and kissed me again he was such a good kisser but we were both in a relationship i broke away and said well this is fun but come on we both are in serious relationships now andbi dont wantnsit tow He noddded and sat down on the bed and put his head in his han ds i like you but i love you and niall as close close friends but lets just say perrie cheated on me with a girl named Cherry . Im happy shet is open about being you know a lesbian but she cheated on me ... I walked over to him pushed is head up sat on his damp towel of a lap and cuddled him for as long as possible he wept sligghtly so i dried his tears and wisphered come on zayn he kissed me again and within five minuets it had gone to dar and he was inside me at least he had he on but what was i gonna fo i was cheating on niall something i never wanted to do when we split apart i cred and ran straight to Louis he wouldnknow at to do or so i hoped .... It became clear that technically zayn had raped me but i said he didnt because i couldnt call a close friend a rapest louis said he wouldnt tell anyone but we planned something to stop zayn trying to seduce someone in a relationship the plan my best friend and zayn fan girl molly. Nialls pov I rang vicky to tell her we were going on an evening date tonight and to not get ready until 6 but she needed to be ready by 7. She agreed and said " my best friend Molly is coning to see me so i can help her with her media course work of outfit desgin today dont panic she will not fangirl" "of course enjoy beautiful me harry lou.and lux are going to pepa pig world now so i will need you ready by seven " "of course enjoy baby i love you " "i love you too byeeee " We were on our way to pepa pig world in Harrys car when the police pulled us over asked us to autograph her pad and have a photo with her and then we were off again strange but she was a fan and they are mental in what they do weve had them hidding in bins try to break in as lous cousins neices brothers dancers massagers and mostly all bring nados which isnt fair because were not allowed to eat it incase they have drugged it or whatever finally we arrived.after being pulled over three times for photos and autographs Vickys pov After rwo hours of waiting i was called to the lobby to get molly all the boys came with me and louis held my arm like a gentalmen out of the nineteenth century. He added the affect as he put it.Molly was sat there in her rioped jeans and paris tank top and of curse her all stars . She stood up and hugged me and then all the boys i gave her one directions old portfolio and she gave me her empty one. Part one check Then i introduced her to the boys and said that i felt really sick abd had to lie dowb for ten minuets she excitedly thanked em secretly she knew the plan too and she asked to join zaynnin whatever he was doing . He agred . Zayms Pov I took mollys hand and led her to my room i askdd her a few questions and put titanic on she sat next to me on the bed and she caught me starring at her lips so she took her shoes of and became a little minx she crawled up the bed to my face and stroked my lips against her small fingers she moved her hand to the bottom of my top and tugged until it was removed she puleled her tank top off and she knelt over me and kissed me so pasonatly i had to have more we endured a make out seasion and ahe pulled at the belt loup of my skinnies she wisphered arent you a cute celebrity before unzipping my jeans and i kicked them off nownit was my turn my fingers tugged at her zipper and then pulled her jeans offw . Her finger traced the shape of my buldge makingnme tingle she slipped her hand through the top of my boxers and ahe drew circles around and around it until i removed them she slipped my penis into her hand and played around until i had to tell her i was ginna ... To late she had it all up her arm she just wipped it off and then contiued i aske her if she was rrady to have sex and shes agrred and i umprotected sliped inside of her . We did ebdless postitions and had so much hot and sticky fun until we were both seduced by the wave and we cradhed apart. Ih hiw her long brunet hair was better than oerries her un makeuped face bautifull natural her snall body but large but provided a much needed break in the light and ber dimples in thestomach jher vety toned stomach smiled at me as i drew circles around her belly button i sucked at ehr neck and said have fun doll .. That hickeys a good one . She just sniled her big wide brigh smile and then she hicked my chest and wisphered your on a video shoot tommorrow with your.chest out and winked at me befoe falling to leep in my arms
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