It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


21. Harry and Lou Niall and a slight bite

Harry's Pov

Lou is so beautiful as she slept on my chest i just watched her , was it wrong to love her like i do ? Can Lux be my step daughter and god daughter ? is this just a fling ? so many questions where whizzing around in my hungover head i need to talk to some one but all the boys will be annoyed at me after last nights behavior ! i really need to calm down on the drink the only person i can tell this to is Lou . i can't wake her , well i could , but i won't. i slightly move my body and she tilts her head i don't move once she dozes back of i whisper in her tiny ears that i am going down stairs she can stay in bed , luckily Lou just nuzzels down into the pillows next to us both and says 'meh i need sleep harry good bye ' i get out of bed pull my jeans back on and my fresh t-shirt over my head then of course doing my signature messy hair flick and smooth i leave the room. i run down the stairs into the hall and straight into Liam , he doesn't talk he doesnt look me in the eye instead he just becons with his hand for me to follow into the dinning hall , everyone was eating even little Lux , Niall and Vicky sat either side of Lux and the boys in various places across the oak table i took the spare seat luckly next to Louis who gave me my food and a note which read 'don't argue or question , we are all in a bit of a bad mood with you and your lucky jack and vicky are allowing you into this beautiful house if you even dare to muck around i swear you will be terrified cut down the alcohol and meet us boys outside after Lunch or else uncle Simon will be finding out harry and you know what he said last time'

I agreed and just nodded at Louis he knew what i meant Suddenly Lux started Pointing and winning at me i was about to stand up but Niall just glanced at me so instead i tucked my chair into the table thanked Vicky and appologised to everyone,Niall passed Lux to Vicky and the make up box toy where Lux sat and shook the box . Niall whispered in her ear and i swear he might of slightly bit her ear she went slightly red but nodded all the same she left the room with Lux and the boys all stood up and looked at me they walked outside into the largest back garden i had seen in a private house property  for a few months and i just followed i agreed not to argue


'Harry we have had enough of your drinking habits , we don't want you to turn into an alcholic but e want you to have more respect and dignity' said Liam

'so instead of drinking all the time why don't you find a hobby outside of this bussiness?'. said Zayn 

'like me' screamed Louis 

'yes louis does go out but he never comes home like you do he just goes out for a laugh' said Niall

'look man all were saying is we love you and honestly its been 3 years we know whats best for you'


' i trust you but i need your help with this drink i get carried away i know i do , i would really like to go out with £25 in cash and no card or anything else and have a good time until i can be responsible and Louis i do appreciate Vicky and Jack having me and my behavouir here i will make it up to them guys i promise'


'Last Chance Harry , we mean it' they said before walking off.

Niall Grabbed me and said 'Thanks man dont muck this up for us , no fans no we are here it's peaceful and i think i have a Princess awaiting in that house' he said whilst pointing towards the back door through which i could see Vicky playing with Lux  who was running around grabbing Teddy Bears off Vicky . Niall just waved a Lux who ran up to the door shortly followed by Vicky , she was beautiful , they both waved then lux turned around and gave vVcky a kiss on the check who picked her up and put her on the counter , it was a beautiful sight and i knew Niall had feelings for this girl because i looked at him and he just blushed and looked  back to the scene .



*************************************************************************************************************************************HHi readers , thanks for reading to chapter 21 , i did comment the fact i wasnt sure about caring on this story  , after no replies i decided i would just carry on with it any questions dont forget to place a comment :) 



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