It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


33. Harry and Lou left me with Lux

Harry's Pov

Lou is driving me crazy thats it give up to the tempation styes you will have to hand Lux to Niall or someone and stradle that women !

after about five minuets i gave Lux to Niall (also part of Louis plan) Grabed Lou and ran upsatirs her face was beautiful i pulled he legs around my waist and pushed her bum up against the wall and she moaned.



Nialls Pov

i was awaken by Lux crawling on my chest i pulled her into a hug looked at Vicky she slightly smiled and she also sat up  hugged me and Lux and said come on you guys go and see Liam it must be nearly 7pm , 

it was nearlly 7pm so i went to see Liam,


Vicky's Pov

as soon as niall left Louis walked into the room and sat me on the edge of the bed because Harry and Lou where in my room Louis had brought me a new dress new heels a new clutch and a new neckless , he told me he would go and chuck Harry and Lou out in 10 minuets so i could do my hair and make up but first i had to shower, 

i jumped in the shower then i changed into the knee length dress , it was cream with butterfies on it , it was tightly elasticated on the waist it had slightly puffy short sleves and a floaty like design everywhere else but the waist , many of the butterflies where red , some green some blue. i slipped on the red platform heels and then the neckless louis came into the bath room whilst i was drying my hair he was holding my makeup box and my hair trunk , he appologised for Harry and Lou , but i laughed i told him to brush my hair and get the purple rollers out he rolled up my hair quite well he said he helps lottie alot with the rollers , he then picked out my make up i applied it and then he got niall to change Niall was waiting by the door downstairs i walked slowly and gracefully down the wooden stairs

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