It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


9. Fangirl it but secretly do it

Vicky ,

 three boys sorounded me i wasn’t scared i was going to cry any more , the first to bent down and said , :’hey girl are you okay ? , we are here to help the whole team , we are going to fix you up if you’d like .’

One of them said , ‘we dont hurt and we deffinatly would not hurt a girl come here give us a hug and well get you inside ,’

I obliged and let them help me inside , i don’t know why but these guys where so familiar even the one who didn’t speak ,

‘guys this way ’ i heared an irish tone in that voice but i didn’t mention anything.

We got to this room it was huge very vintage a curly haired boy was crashed on the bed the other well three helped me on to the sofa and i looked up to see niall , liam and Louis , i promised not to fan girl and i just poped the question which i already knew the answer to :

‘ you guys are one direction right ?’

‘oh yes hi were one direction , vas happening girl’ they said in unison

I chuckled and said , ‘ i’m a big fan of your music beautiful voices but you see my brother just won the true grit award and well he wont be back for another hour so i went to sit outside tripped landed on my wrist and the tears began to fall’

‘now now , my names lou and i will fix you up and get you back to your brother i promise’ Lou said that to me !!!

‘hey girl urm do you mind if we take you back we have sound check in around 30 minuets if you can be ready soon ?’ said niall

‘sure and my names Vicky by the way , thank you for helping me , i am sorry if there is anything i can do ...’

‘NIALL JUST GRAB HER NUMBER MAN COME ON ’ i heard Louis shout from somewhere distant i glance a look at niall he was red but i just chuckled to myself look around the room my gaze fell upon the coffee table before my i grabbed my clutch and the pen fro it lent forward and scribbled my number on the bottom of lou’s prep list ,

Lou then literally grapped my arm and shouted :’boys i’m taking her to the bathroom niall bring me that pink trunk now !’

As i sat on the edge of the massive bath lou inzipped the pink trunk and began on my makeup , i have to say by the time i was finished my hair was longer but still wavy and natural and my make up was beautiful , i stared at myself ,

‘vicky im sorry if you don’t like it but i am with 5 boys nearly 365 days a year and i never get a girl to work with ..’ i heared lou say ,

‘lou i love it it’s just beautiful , when shall i bring the extensions back then ?’ i said

‘thanks but keep them honestly’

I heard a knock at the door it was liam , he said basically it was time to get my arm checked out great luckly it wasn’t broken just sprained i was not having a support ob at this time i was on tv haha , any way then the boys all walked me back to my empty but now filled table , every boy including the certain mr styles .

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