It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


58. Family Time

Vickys Pov

We were wrapped in the bed sheet fully naked and the door bell rang 


"Sure but hurry up"

So as we got dressed we smirked at each other Niall told me to wear my tatto art skater skirt a black vest and my black pumps so  i changed quickly pulled my hair from the rollers and held his hand slightly squeezing it because of nerves we left our bedroom and into the main area . 

"Niall - Hello everyone Thank you for coming i would like you all to meet Vicky my girlfriend"

of course i had met them all seperatly but today was the day he wanted to confirm it in front of everyone. So that is exactly what he did.


The day was full of wine and beer games dancing and chats secrets reveled and of course embarising stories .At the end of the night it was nearing 11pm so whilst everyone was gathering their thing we quickly cleaned the kitchen and hugged for a long time letting our inner emotions out (well i was i didn't want to see Granny Shelly go home)

We said our good byes and then it was me and the boys well the ones which were awake..

Harry Louis and Niall the others had crashed in the spare room so we let them sleep 

"SPIN THE BOTTLE" exclaimed Louis as he ran through with an empty wine bottle 

"really but i'm the only girl" I whined and the bottle was spun .


Louis - "Oh i dare you to take Vicky into her closet and come out in the best pair of under wear you can find and nothing else"

so i stood up and walked Harry into my closet 2 minuets later we were sat round the bottle with Harry in my  black dkny pants .


Harry " i dare you to snog Louis !"

i looked over to Niall who thankfully said "it's a game anyway we can have sex whenever babe"

so i stood up grabbed Louis belt loop pulled him up and quickly gave him a kiss he wrapped his hand round my waist and we were finnished


Vicky- "Urm i dare you to take my fake tan and rub it onto liams face"

"DO IT" the others chanted .


After about an hour i went to bed leaving the boys with my last bottle of gold vodka, so at 4am when Niall stumbled into my room i didnt have a choice other than help him into bed and then go and get harry and louis into my bed too - they could be throwing up together so i went and got in Louis bed to find his phone i tapped in his pin code and scrolled though messages with Niall

Niall is the best boyfriend i could ask for ! 

"Louis . I have a confession that girl i want to be with her every minuet of my life i want to have her there when i need her , I want her to be there but i want to be there for her i love her and the best bit - she loves me too"

sent this morning .

i snuggled down into the sheets and slept .


At 7am I was up the boys still asleep so i walked through and cleaned the house in one of Nialls shirts . Mum and dad left a voice mail saying they are going to leeds for a week to see close relatives and friend and thanked us for having them so today i was free - i had a little bit of work to do nothing online shopping can't handle so i served up some breakfast - fruit pancakes and cereal a made a pot of tea and coffee and decided to get the boys out of bed after all it was 12 and they needed to not be in bed all day . So i changed into sweats and a vvest and started in Liam's and Zayn's room - "Psst boys time to get up breakfast is on the island "

Then for Niall Harry and Louis - "Boys come on up breakfast is on the island and it stinks in here "

they rolled over and refused to get up 

"Niall , Please get up i want to go to the gym this morning "

"alright okay can you get me some sweats and boxers please"

"yes , BOYS UP NOW "

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